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Bark-Abouts have introduced thousands of people to the forest, and to the unforgettable revelation that Mt. Hood National Forest is yours, and it is mostly unprotected. more

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This is one of the comments I received from a Portland State University student... more

Forest Service should keep stream protections

Guest opinion published in Eugene's The Register-Guard Newspaper challenges a new effort to undermine stream protections in the Pacific Northwest. more

Bark Alert: Keystone XL and Oregon forests

The BLM predicts that logging 500 million board feet a year (Wyden's bill targets 400MMBF annually) over the next century would release the equivalent carbon of 1 million additional cars on the road for 132 years... more

Northern Spotted OwlACTION ALERT: Spotted owl habitat under fire!

Northern spotted owls are in trouble. On one hand, barred owls are displacing spotted owls where logging has degraded their habitat. On the other, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is approving more logging in what little critical habitat they have left—right here in Mt. Hood National Forest! more

Wildlife and Recreation Vs. Logging

The Mt. Hood National Forest (MHNF) is planting a mistaken footprint on our Mountain.
A shift is now required from focusing land management for logging, to watershed health, wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities. more


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