Color photo of a beaver, partially submerged in low greenish waters swimming towards the left of the frame. The beaver's brown fur is wet and is reflected on the rippling waterAction Alert: Protect and restore beavers’ rightful home in the Beaver State!

Three pro-beaver bills are coming up in Oregon legislature that need your help to pass. Beaver is a keystone species that supports wildlife, fish, forests, and humans more

Color photograph of a mountain range on a sunny day with superimposed text that reads: 39th PIELC March 1-7, 2021An Annual Gathering of Environmentalists Worldwide

Have you heard of the University of Oregon’s Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC), also called “E.Law”? For 39 years, it's been an international gathering of environmental lawyers, activists, educators, organizers, students, sharing with, and learning from, each other. [Disclaimer for BIPOC: This year, the conference has much less to offer on environmental justice topics than we've seen in past years.] more

Square image with black and white photo in the background showing a hill logged after fire with text that reads: take action, oregon's forests are in danger. Over 10,000 acres of fire-impacted public forest are on the chopping block"Tell Oregon’s Federal Delegation to Halt Post-Fire Logging on Federal Lands!

Right now, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is preparing to log thousands of acres of fire-impacted federal more

Color photograph showing a cloudless blue sky behind Mt. Hood completely blanketed with snow. Snow dusted conifers stretch before the mountain, looking grayer in the distance and deep green in the foregroundWhat will a Biden Administration mean for forests?

Here’s a look at Biden’s appointees and executive orders most relevant to Bark’s work pushing for policies that respect communities, forests, water and more

Photograph of the Clackamas River in winter. Some woody debris has piled up in the middle, creating wildlife habitat and slowing the river's current.Journey Down The Clackamas, with the Clackamas River Basin Council!

On March 9, Clackamas River Basin Council will launch a year-long series of free seminars about our unique watershed and its natural resources, from the river’s birth in alpine springs to its confluence with the Willamette River. Subjects range from geology, water quality and forestry to fish, recreational, cultural and public policy more

Free forest activist training, book club, Free Mt. Hood committee and more!

Whether you are a past, current, or future volunteer, thank you for showing up for Mt. Hood’s forests, waters, wildlife, and the communities of people who benefit from this vibrant ecosystem! more

julie excited in the forest with arms and a leg with a snowshow up in the airA Year for Change

Your end-of-year donation helps as we all work together to address the troubling history of the creation of public lands, to restore wetland and beaver habitats, to amplify the need to coexist with and prepare for fire, and to enhance an outdated forest plan to ensure that climate resilience becomes a crucial more

group photo of Bark's outreach teamChange is Made by the People

This year alone, Bark has had 12,000 conversations with supporters, like you. Each time we are inspired and energized by amazing conversations with those who stand with us as we fight for meaningful changes to the Management Plan for Mt. Hood's more

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Color photograph of an older conifer during the day, with a large diameter in a Pacific Northwest forest clearing.
Ecology Club: Northwestern Conifers
Wed, Mar 10th at 6:30 pm

This March Ecology ... read more

Photo of a group of masked Bark volunteers, circled up and physically distanced in the forest
Rad◦i◦cle : Volunteer Orientation
Thu, Mar 18th at 6:00 pm

Learn about the history of Bark's work and our current efforts, connect with current staff + volunteers, and share your interests and... read more

Handmade illustration of Mt. Hood with native flora + fauna around the words "Free MT. HOOD" against a silhouette of pine trees
Free Mt. Hood Campaign Committee
Wed, Mar 24th at 6:00 pm

Mt. Hood National Forest is one of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest treasures. It’s known for its scenic beauty, bountiful wildlife, and... read more

Rad◦i◦cle : Intro to Forest Policy
Thu, Apr 8th at 6:00 pm

Do you ever wonder why 50% of Oregon is managed by the federal government? Or wonder why logging can happen in National Forests, but... read more

Northern red flicker with the signature red cheek, perched on a tree.
April Ecology Club: Bird Language
Wed, Apr 14th at 6:30 pm

This introductory class will dive into the basics of song bird vocalizations, how bird language is different from bird ID, how to decipher songs from alarms, and how to key into body language and patterns of our resident birds.... read more

A masked Bark volunteer, clad in an orange vest, is writing a clipboard documenting information. The sun peaks through the canopy, scattering dappled light across the greens and browns of the forest.
Rad◦i◦cle : Groundtruthing 101
Thu, Apr 15th at 6:00 pm

Bark’s network of volunteer groundtruthers help us monitor every logging project and destructive action in Mt. Hood National Forest and... read more

Photo of a group of physically-distanced Bark volunteers in a n off-season wetland. The grass is brown against the silhouette of the pine tree mountains in the background
Rad◦i◦cle : Groundtruthing 201
Sat, Apr 17th at 9:00 am

Bark’s network of volunteer groundtruthers help us monitor every logging project and destructive action in Mt. Hood National Forest and... read more


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