Image of Bark volunteers + staff huddled over a plastic tub filled with stream water. All are wearing ball caps and flannel, while studying its contents closely in the forestFieldwork is Fire Resilience

The forest looks vastly different this year than last, and while this has been especially destabilizing for some, it has also created a unique opportunity for us to connect with an ecosystem that has evolved with more

Committing to Environmental Justice

We need a justice-based vision of place-based responsibility and belonging. more

Community Care is Part of Post-Fire Recovery

An essential part of responding to the 2020 fires is addressing climate change and its impacts on our more

Bark is hiring a Development Coordinator!

Position is open until filled. We will start reviewing applications during the week of May 24th, 2021. more

Color aerial photo of Highway 224, where trees that saw fire in September 2020 have been over logged exposing the forest floor to the sun. The Clackamas River runs alongside the road, and gleams in the sun before a swath of unlogged forest.What Will Emerge from this Moment?

How can we break from the cycle of extraction and destruction that has defined our era? more

Image of a Senator Merkley at a public gathering with signage that reads "keep it in the ground"Action Alert: Keep it in the Forest!

Keeping carbon in the forest is one of the best near-term actions to take for climate mitigation that Oregon can contribute to the world. Contact Sen. Merkley today! more

alt="Color photo of a young woman with red hair on a Portland bridge during a march. She is surrounded by people.Bark’s New Board Members Aren’t Fooling Around!

Bark is celebrating three new board members, Abigail Singer, Executive Director of Rogue Farm Corps and co-founder of Rising Tide North America; Caleb Mammen, a Portland attorney representing labor unions and workers; and Edin Cook, co-founder of SunrisePDX. more

Color photograph of back hoe doing roadside logging from previous timber sale in Fan Unit,Action Alert: Raise your voice to protect the Clackamas River!

The Forest Service moves to keep old roads open for logging as a "public safety effort"...?! more

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Handmade illustration of Mt. Hood with native flora + fauna around the words "Free MT. HOOD" against a silhouette of pine trees
Free Mt. Hood Campaign Committee
Wed, Jun 23rd at 6:00 pm

Mt. Hood National Forest is one of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest treasures. It’s known for its scenic beauty, bountiful wildlife, and... read more

Color photo of two hike leaders waving back at the photographer from a trail in Gnarl Ridge.Burned trees stand out against the blue sky with wildflowers along either side of the pathway.
Rad◦i◦cle Activist Training: Hike Leader Training
Sun, Jun 27th at 9:00 am

Interested in leading a free, public hike? Stay tuned for details!... read more

Color Photo showing three people around a sign with a map on it.  The map has a green and white background with black writing in different locations.  One person is writing on the bottom of the map.
July Ecology Club: Politics and Power Dynamics of Natural Resource Mapping
Wed, Jul 14th at 6:00 pm

What is a map? Who has the right to create maps? Is there a right way to create a map? And who decides? With on-going debates over land... read more

Color photograph showing people in a wetland standing on green sedges. In the middle of the people is a white, translucent tarp with brown soil on it. Some people are taking some of the soil with their hands others are pinching bits of soil with their hands to determine its consistency.
Rad◦i◦cle Activist Training: Wetland Mapping Field Training
Sat, Jul 17th at 9:00 am

Last year, Bark began wetland habitat surveys in Mount... read more

Color photograph of a  group of 10 people stand in a wetland. Above their heads, dark green trees are in the background and a bright blue sky with white clouds fill the top of the photo.  The people are standing in a wetland filled green and brown sedges next to a blue pool of water that reflects an image of the sky above.
Rad◦i◦cle Activist Training: Beaver Habitat Survey
Sat, Jul 31st at 9:00 am

This summer, Bark will conduct wetland habitat surveys in Mt. Hood National Forest with the long-term goal of restoring these ecosystems... read more

Color photo of the turquoise Little Crater Lake on a clear, sunny day. There's a wooden fence in the foreground and a line of conifers against the bright blue sky behind the lake.
August Bark About: Volcanoes and Glaciers of the PNW
Sun, Aug 8th at 9:00 am

Join us in-person on a hike through sections of the PCT to discuss Oregon's geology and the volcanics of Mt. Hood. This Bark About is an... read more


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Returning to the controversial Jazz Timber Sale

"It doesn't even look like a forest!"