648 Acres of Logging Canceled!

Forest saved in two Mt. Hood timber sales!


Today, I want to share some big victories and an opportunity for you to help us keep winning for our forests.

First, because of nearly 20 years of activism from forest defenders like you, Bark saved 610 acres from logging in the Polallie Cooper Timber Sale (and put 1,185 more on hold)!

In 2015, the U.S. Forest Service proposed the 3,000 acre Polallie Cooper Timber Sale, a larger version of a project originally canceled in 2005. After thousands of public comments, a huge turnout at a Hood River open house about the proposal, and two letters of opposition from Oregon legislators, the Forest Service canceled 587 acres of logging, put another 1,185 acres on hold, and split the project into two phases. However, Phase One still included logging in a potential Wilderness area, to which Bark objected. In a welcome change of attitude, the Forest Service worked with Bark to resolve our biggest concerns with Phase One, dropped 23 more acres, canceled 2 miles of roads, and will place additional buffers on waterways located by Bark’s groundtruthers. We will continue to monitor Phase 2 of this project, but in the meantime are thrilled that 610 acres in these canceled areas are saved from logging. Thank you!

Proposed Clearcut Reduced in the Hunter Timber Sale

The same year Polallie Cooper was proposed, the Forest Service introduced the Hunter Timber Sale along the Upper Clackamas River. This project included the first clearcut proposed in Mt. Hood National Forest for over a decade. Bark mobilized with our 2016 Summer Base Camp, putting boots on the ground to show community members and local organizations the forest threatened by the proposal.

The recently released Draft Decision on Hunter states, “Comments received from several public sources raised a concern about the proposal to use the regeneration harvest method.” They heard our message loud and clear. The public does not support the return of clearcutting to Mt. Hood’s forests. The proposed clearcut has been reduced by 40% and Bark is working to eliminate this incredibly destructive management practice altogether. The photo below shows Bark volunteers entering an area dropped from the clearcut! (photo by Rowan Baker)

Bark volunteers within a proposed clearcut. Photo by Rowan Baker.

Act Now to Halt Logging in the Clackamas Watershed

The imminent North Clack Timber Sale includes "regeneration harvest" and over 20 miles of “temporary” roadbuilding. This project is especially concerning as it targets diverse stands of mature trees which regenerated after fires 80-115 years ago. On a regional and global level, protecting mature forests like this is crucial to keeping carbon out of the atmosphere. However, Mt. Hood's 30 year-old Forest Plan prioritizes the majority of this area for logging and makes no mention of climate change.

Please take action today against destructive logging in the North Clack Timber Sale!

It’s important to let the Forest Service know now that they should be prioritizing water, wildlife, and carbon storage in Mt. Hood’s forests, not relapsing to the kind of ecologically damaging practices which we’ve worked so hard to end.

Thank you,


Michael Krochta, Forest Watch Coordinator

PS - Join the Bark community for our Nestle Victory Celebration on November 28th from 5-8pm at Cider Riot to celebrate the many volunteers who succeeded in protecting our public water from Nestle, and welcome in Bark’s new Executive Director Rob Sadowsky!