Action is the antidote to despair

As the federal government spins out of control, we can act on the local level!


When the world we love so dearly is hurting so much, it's important for each of us to choose a cause, choose a place, and give ourselves to it. Like you, we have chosen the amazing lands and waters of Mt. Hood National Forest.

Please donate today to ensure that Bark can continue to transform national despair into local action.

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Last month, the House of Representatives passed a bill that could devastate public forests in the name of "forest health." It was a sad day. So, Bark did what we do best -- get out in the forest and gather local information about what "forest health" timber sales actually look like on the ground.

We will use these facts, and your donations, to speak truth to power and make the compelling case that forest health is not achieved through commercial extraction.

We move through despair by speaking our truth, advocating for our values. When enough of us do it, for a long enough time, things change. We change them. 

Thank you, Barkers, for all that you love and fight for. Thank you for speaking the truth and for supporting Bark as we speak it together.

In solidarity,

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Brenna Bell, Staff Attorney

P.S. Your donation of $100 right now will support my team of staff and volunteers to advocate, litigate and activate!

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