Activated by Uncertainty

Challenges are good for building strength. 

I don’t know about you, but my entire life has been shaped by dramatic and unforeseen changes in our world and society. The ongoing dramas between ecology and economy, communities and corporations, profits and principles has given me purpose. Now, as we adapt again to great change in our lives, I want to ask you: How do you stay motivated in the face of uncertainty? Is it something you learned to do in your family or community? Are you learning to move through uncertainly rather than sit in comfortability? 

We can never know exactly what challenge awaits us, yet we are none-the-less responsible for providing the effort, vision, and adaptability to shape change for the better. You may have noticed—Bark’s legendary tenacity is actually emboldened by adversity. Thanks to your encouragement and support we continue to strive for ingenuity and fearlessness in our work. 

Group of Bark volunteers at an event to Free Mt. Hood

Group of Bark volunteers at an event to Free Mt. Hood

Right now, we are working to embrace a sense reciprocity with the forests, waters, and wildlife of Mt. Hood. These relationships have been repressed and marginalized by the centuries-long domination under the culture of consumption.

The dynamic, tireless, creative work of Bark can meet this challenge because of your support.

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Thank you for making sure Bark can support feisty changemakers like myself, our volunteers, and my coworkers.



P.S. Join us for November's Bark About: Exploring the Stages of Forest Succession on Mt Hood! This in-person outing will explore Old Maid Flats and the surrounding forests at different stages in relation to fire and water. Register here.