Advisory: White River campground closed

The White River Station Campground, located along the Barlow Road on the Barlow Ranger District, is closed to the public until later notice due to safety concerns related to the White River migrating into the campground.View of White River and Mt. Hood from Hwy 35

The Forest Service reported in a news release that during the winter of 2015-2016, several sites were lost as the river encroached into the campground.

Over the past few years, the White River has been actively changing its course upstream and downstream of the campground. As a result, the banks of the river at the campground are unstable and deeply undercut, creating a safety concern. The concern is exacerbated by the potential for high flows due to glacial runoff during the summer and debris flows resulting from storm events.

White River Station Campground will remain closed until further notice while specialists determine whether camping can be safely managed in the riverside area.

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