After the eclipse, Base Camp!

Help us take our work to the trees!

For two weeks, from August 24-September 7, Bark will be hosting Base Camp – an amazing chance to get involved with the critical work to defend the forest surrounding Mt. Hood, to learn from and connect with folks working to achieve social and environmental justice in our region, and to enjoy and learn about our backyard forest ecosystem.

We will be camping in a free undeveloped campsite in Mt. Hood National Forest, near the proposed Crystal Cl­­ear Timber Sale, close off Highway 26 near Clear Lake. Campers will spend their days groundtruthing, exploring the surrounding forest, and attending workshops from our friends and guests on a variety of topics.

Sound like something you’d like be part of? Here’s how you can prepare for this ambitious endeavor:

  1. Let us know you’re coming, and we'll send you important updates to prepare, including directions to our camp.
  2. Donate group camping supplies and food.  Bark will provide breakfast and dinner each day, and we’re especially looking for fresh produce and other locally-sourced food.  Here’s our wishlist.
  3. Sign up for a carpool. Whether you’re driving or need a ride, this is important!
  4. Read our camp ground rules.
  5. Pack for camp. Here’s what you need to bring.
  6. Check our camp programming schedule!
  7. Download Avenza. This app will help you survey the Crystal Clear Timber Sale
  8. Spread the word!

See you there,

Audie, Base Camp Coordinator



Audie Fuller, Bark Base Camp Coordinator

P.S. – After Base Camp, Bark has lots of fun stuff planned! Check out our events for September’s Bark About and Ecology Club!