Bark Alert: Big changes

What would your boss say if you asked her for a year off?

Bark: Defenders of Mt. Hood


The forests of Mt. Hood wrote the book on resilience.  
 Airstrip Timber Sale canceled after 36 Pit Fire Mt Hood by Christine Toth
I will never get over how wet Douglas fir forests have evolved to bounce back from “stand-replacing” fires. (See for yourself on this Sunday’s special Mother’s Day Bark-About
Now it is Bark’s turn to write a chapter in the resilience book: On June 1st, I begin a one-year leave of absence. While I'm away my former coworker and veteran Barker, Amy Harwood, will step in as Interim Executive Director.  
If you want to learn more about this unique organizational step, then please join me, Amy, and Bark’s Board of Directors Wednesday, May 20th. Our friends at Crag Law Center and KBOO Community Radio will also join us to discuss their non-traditional leadership models. Details here.
If you Amy Harwood Bark for Mt Hooddon't know Amy Harwood, it’s about time you did. Amy has been involved in forest conservation and public lands advocacy since 1998. She has led hundreds of hikes and backpacking trips and developed and led trainings for activists to learn how to hold federal agencies accountable to environmental laws. She is the co-founder of Signal Fire, an organization that provides opportunities for artists of all disciplines to engage in the natural world.  

If you are a long-time Barker, then you know that Amy has also been involved with Bark for over 10 years, beginning as a Bark volunteer, then Program Director, and most recently as President of the Board of Directors.
It’s great to have Amy back on staff!

As you can imagine, it was a scary decision to step away from this work, and organization, that I love so much--even if for only a year.

I can’t thank my coworkers and Bark’s Board of Directors enough. They have been preparing for this for many months and are more than ready to take Bark to the next level in my absence. Please help Bark prepare by making a tax-deductible donation today.
Alex P Brown with Bark for Mt HoodSincerely,
Alex P Brown, Executive Director



Photo credits: Thanks to Christine Toth and Timothy Solar!