Bark Alert: Change Spreads

Our Stories Help to Build this Movement

To tell a story is to spark a connection. Stories are how we create culture and pass it on. Now at this unique moment in history, we are looking for stories that help sustain and enliven us, and explain our place in the world. Luckily, we don’t have to look far. 

For the past twenty years, Bark has been collecting and sharing stories. Stories of place and wonder. Stories of care and of resistance. Whether around the campfire at Base Camp, in the forest groundtruthing proposed timber sales, or at virtual parties celebrating our hard-won victories, we create space to share and listen to stories of this land. Those stories—your stories—help spread the work of Bark beyond our backyard, throughout the bioregion into other states, enough to reach other communities mobilizing for change. While it is harder to come together now, these stories of connection between people and place are more important than ever. 

Support Bark today and help us share our resources, victories, and opportunities to drive large-scale change.

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Something we’ve learned during this pandemic is that as much as we miss seeing each other in person, more people have access to Bark’s storytelling than ever before. To give one example, instead of the 20-odd folks who typically attend our monthly Bark About hikes in person, now our first livestreamed Bark About has reach 438 people and counting! And just as Bark’s Base Camp was a model for some organizations to begin their own camp outs, we have been sharing our success stories about using the public process to stop timber sales with our allies.   

We are creating new stories to share, ones that weave together the climate movement with forest conservation. In doing so, we are learning to shift and adapt the way we tell these stories and to refine our narratives as we add in more characters. These stories are like little seedlings and they need your help to grow! Every time you share a post on social media or talk to a friend or family member about our work (whether they live near or far), you are a part of spreading the change we need, and connecting our work to a vision of what is possible.

Your contribution today can help support change that spreads, like a rhizome, beneath the surface until it springs up everywhere.

We are just $1850 away from meeting our Spring fundraising goal. If you have the means, please support our work today.


Thank you for sharing your stories about Bark’s work!

With gratitude, 

Nakisha Nathan, Executive Director and Brenna Bell, Policy Coordinator & Staff Attorney

P.S Join our next Virtual Bark About June 14th 11 am to 3 pm and learn more about medicinal plants found in urban landscapes!