Bark Alert: Growing through Change

Thanks to you, Bark can confidently keep up the fight 

Bark’s power is rooted in our mission to strengthen public advocacy. In our early years, we cultivated our community by leading the public off the beaten path to witness areas threatened by logging. We created opportunities for people to see sensitive ecosystems with their own eyes, and empowered them with the message of connection to place, as well as the tools to navigate the public input process for Forest Service projects. As our volunteers’ motto says, “A Barker cares about the forest, learns how to protect it, and shares that knowledge with others.” 

To know this forest is to love it—and with your support, we are able to share our love for Mt. Hood National Forest.

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We remain committed to connecting people to the forests surrounding Mt. Hood. Throughout the years, we've broadened our education and experiential opportunities to foster a deeper understanding of the forest ecosystems we work to protect. We work hard to demystify the laws, politics, and policies that regulate Mt. Hood National Forest—but we know that the simplest act of connecting to a place, and seeing yourself as a part of it, can bring about a profound awareness and inspire action.  

Bark staff and volunteers are dedicated to ensuring that the public can witness and interact with Mt. Hood National Forest in many ways. In the face of COVID-19, we’ve pushed that innovation further and are creating opportunities for you to take action through our email action alerts and learn more about the places that we protect through our online workshops, meetings, and trainings.  

Your support helps us get better at what we do! 

Bark’s approach to conservation is shifting. As a place-based forest advocate, we recognize that there is more to protecting our environment than traditional conservation ideals have historically acknowledged. We are learning to ask questions such as, "What does it look like to protect this place and to support the well-being of local communities, while also examining our own assumptions about the purpose and value of keeping a place 'untouched'?” 

Ecosystems are dynamic, vital, and always adapting. Thanks to the richness of our community, so is Bark. You help us grow, encourage us to learn, and support us as we evolve. Together we become ever more confident in the face of change—we are strong because we work together to support the communities rooted in this incredible place. 

Our goal for this spring fundraising drive is to raise $10,000. If you are able, please lend us your sustaining support. 

With gratitude,  

Briana Villalobos, Bark Development Director

P.S. Ecology Club is TONIGHT Thursday, May 14, at 6pm. Learn all about the wonderful world of lichen! Register here for the virtual meeting.