Bark Alert: Keystone XL and Oregon forests

Big thanks and a big spank--take action today!


By now you have hopefully heard that Oregon's U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley voted against the Keystone XL Pipeline-- a courageous stand against increasing climate change.

So why is Senator Ron Wyden fast-tracking a bill to double logging in our public forests, which are some of the most effective carbon sinks in the world?

The O&C Land Grant Act of 2014 (S1784) is meant to "save" rural economies in Oregon, but a study by the Headwaters Economics group makes it clear that more logging is not the solution.

Meanwhile, the BLM predicts that logging 500 million board feet a year (Wyden's bill targets 400MMBF annually) over the next century would release the equivalent carbon of 1 million additional cars on the road for 132 years.

Our friends at Oregon Wild have produced an excellent analysis of Senate Bill 1784, including a white paper on how increased logging threatens global climate.

Please show Senators Wyden and Merkley that we support their efforts to curb global climate change, which is why we cannot afford to increase logging our forests.



Thanks to Tim Solar for the photograph of Barkers hiking!