Bark Alert: Two ways to explore Mt. Hood this week

This week is the best time of year to be involved with Bark. Let me tell you why:

Tomorrow. Bark is hosting one of my favorite forest advocates: Dr. Trygve Steen is a renowned instructor at Portland State University and the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center.  Dr. Steen will be sharing a unique presentation on the fascinating & intricate web of life in our backyard forests. We'll learn about what makes a Pacific Northwest forest unique: fire, climate, and the mesmerizing stages of forest succession.  And did I mention that Dr. Steen is also one of my favorite outdoor photographers?

This weekend. Bark will be camped in the mysterious forests surrounding the East Fork of the Hood River. We'll offer short trainings each morning and be out during the day gathering information that is needed to protect the forest from the effects of the Polallie Cooper Timber Sale! Our basecamp is a free, beautiful, primitive campsite on Mt. Hood's eastern flanks, just minutes away from the Lookout Mountain trail and other scenic attractions.

You don't want to miss this.


We've posted all you need to know about the campout on this pageRSVP to me and join us to explore the forest, using your new and sharpened groundtruthing skills.


Need I say more? See you there.

Michael Krochta, Forest Watch Coordinator

P.S. Bark Summer doesn't end this week. Check out what we have planned next!