Bark Alert: Water Protectors in Salem

Thank you for supporting Anna Mae Leonard's courageous, five-day action in September - fasting from food and water in solidarity with Standing Rock water protectors and to raise awareness in Salem about Gov. Kate Brown’s Anna Mae Leonard, photo by Alex Henriquezsupport of Nestlé. Your donations helped to cover her expenses and as always, you made sure to spread the word! Anna Mae's powerful action drew the attention of news agencies across the west, with help from our allies at Food & Water Watch.

Here are a few of my favorites:

“Tribal member fasts to protest Nestlé deal”

“Yakama Nation to join protest today of proposed water bottle plant in Columbia River Gorge”

Full audio from the rally can be found here:  

During the action our canvass team spoke face-to-face with nearly 200 Salem residents about Anna Mae Leonard’s protest and the State of Oregon’s unwillingness to respect the treaty rights of the Yakama Nation. Bark canvassers also delivered thousands more letters in opposition to this proposal, bringing the cumulative total to over 175,000!

As you know, Bark has been holding the line on keeping Nestlé out of the Gorge for almost seven years now. Legal proceedings, handled by Crag Law Center, are still underway thanks to you. We will keep you updated on any developments.

Meanwhile, opposition to Nestle has been in the news during this time in many other places, too. From the San Bernardino National Forest: “Decision in San Bernardino: A Turning Point” to Ontario, Canada, just last week: “People are furious at Nestlé for taking over small town's water supply” and “Canadian town steams over Nestlé bid to control local spring water well”.

Across the country we see that water is under threat from powerful corporations. Anna Mae Leonard's action is part of a growing movement in solidarity with water protectors who are opposing the Dakota Access pipeline. Please donate to the Legal Defense Fund for the Camp of the Sacred Stones, a spiritual and cultural camp on the Standing Rock Reservation and/or the winter camp supply fundraiser. Search the hashtag #NODAPL to learn more.