Bark Begins Spring Fundraising for $20K

Support Bark’s work to stop logging in our forests!


The dogwoods have bloomed in the forest. Barkers have been on the ground all winter, documenting the impacts of logging on our forests. The burst of spring is always a sweet nudge of encouragement after the long, dark winter. Don’t give up!

June 1st is the start of logging season. Support Bark’s most ambitious summer ever!

The springtime is when we begin to see logging trucks careening down narrow, crumbling roads. Last month, the Forest Service put out an advisory notice with the roads that would be closed or unsafe due to heavy logging truck traffic. Nothing illuminates the importance of Bark’s presence like this annual advisory.

Bark’s staff used to have to make regular requests for logging operation plans. We’ve always insisted that the public needs to know when their forests are being logged. Of course, the timber companies were not very forthcoming with these plans.

Then last year, the Forest Service started to make this information public.

Why would the Forest Service do that?

Well, because there are A LOT more people in the forest these days, making it more difficult to tuck massive logging projects away from the public. The impacts of logging aren’t just the concern of a small group of forest nerds anymore. Just as Bark has been saying for years, the Forest Service finally recognizes that with so many more people searching for a trailhead, a swimming hole, a quiet spot for their family to camp, knowing where to anticipate logging is something the public needs to know. But this isn’t enough. We need to start demanding for the restoration of our forests, not more logging!

Support Bark’s efforts to activates people in the forest this summer! Each year, Bark mobilizes dozens of volunteers to groundtruth proposed and active logging projects in our forest, informing our efforts to stop destructive logging. This summer, we’re increasing our presence:

  • We’ll be reaching out to people when they’re in the forest hiking, fishing, picnicking and boating to let them know how to get involved and protect our beloved forests.
  • We’re undertaking an ambitious partnership with fish biologists in the Forest Service to get crumbling logging roads removed from the forest with funding and volunteer help from Bark.
  • In August, Barkers will host a four-week, roaming base camp in spots around the mountain for people to camp together to share long, sunny days of field-checking, and warm nights of workshops and discussion at camp.

But first we need you. A special contribution today will increase our presence in the forest this summer.

See you in the forest!

Amy Harwood
Interim Executive Director

P.S. Have you checked out the public lands video that Bark helped to produce in April? People all over the West watched it and took action thanks to a coordinated effort by conservation groups. #protectpubliclands

P.P.S. Oh, and here's a tip; next Monday's Ecology Club Night is going to be a really good one! We'll be covering plant identification. Come brush up on your skills!