Bark Endorses Measure 26-201 the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Inititative

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The Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF) will be a November 2018 city ballot measure that would raise $30 million per year to weatherize homes, build rooftop solar, provide job training, grow local food production, and fund green infrastructure. This proposed ballot measure shifts power to advance community-led solutions, and brings renewable energy sources under the control of those often left behind in decision making processes.

This ballot measure would impose a new 1% surcharge on revenue for retail corporations that make over $1 billion in annual national sales and $500,000 in annual Portland sales. (Groceries, medicine, and medical services would be exempt.) As a result, the fee would only affect the largest corporate retail chains in thcountry while generating revenues for in-city renewable energy and job creation. The Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF) is Portland’s opportunity to not only fight climate change and transition to renewable energy, but to do so in manner that directly supports racial and economic justice.

How does the Initiative work?

  • Billion-dollar retailers in Portland will pay a 1% business license surcharge to fund PCEF. The surcharge is not a sales tax.
  • A commission modeled after the Portland Children's Levy will oversee proposals for the money and approve worthy proposals. According to the Department of Energy, every $1 invested in weatherization generates $1.72 in energy benefits and $2.78 in non-energy benefits such as fewer medical bills and less work time lost.
  • Landlords who upgrade properties will be required to limit any rent increases. 
  • Low-income households and people of color bear the least responsibility for the cause of climate change and are disproportionately impacted by its effects. Portlanders who need it most will receive energy efficiency housing upgrades and job training to address historic inequities. 
  • PCEF will support the implementation of rooftop solar, job training and apprenticeships in the renewable energy field, clean energy infrastructure, local food production, and weatherized homes. This means environmental justice, housing security, and community resiliency! 

Who's leading this campaign?

  •  PCEF was created by groups led by and working for the rights of our city's people of color and low-income households. The vision is that climate change exacerbates injustices, and we must create solutions that enact climate justice.

Bark is excited to be working alongside community groups such as the Asian Pacific Network of Oregon (APANO), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Verde, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA), 350PDX, Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, Physicians for Social Responsibility and others in this grassroots campaign (over 150 groups have endorsed).

The coalition working on this initiative is currently seeking volunteers, financial support and endorsements. We have a tremendous amount of work between now and November to pass this important grassroots initiative. Please join us! 

Here's how you can help:

  1. If you are a registered voter in Portland, pledge to vote YES!
  2. Sign up for updates about the campaign!
  3. Upcoming campaign events and trainings
  4. Make a donation to help pass the Portland Clean Energy Fund
  5. Read the full measure
  6. Campaign website

It’s time to use our best tool - people power - to ensure that corporations pay their fair share and that Portland is a city defined by climate justice. Sign up to be a volunteer here to learn more about the Portland Just Energy Transition!

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