Bark has joined the Stand4Forests movement!

In the past few months, we've seen incredible momentum in the United States for our leaders to take bold, concrete action on climate change and environmental justice. As this movement continues to 3turn heads on the need to address catastrophic climate change, the time is now to value old, intact, standing natural forests all across the country. We are thrilled to see the unification of local forest groups from all across the country, leveraging their local and place-based expertise to create a movement that reaches Washington D.C. And we are glad to have new friends in the forest defense movement, The Dogwood Alliance, based in South Carolina, who have been powering this new coalition since last year!

Today is the International Day of Forests. Before you close this email take a moment to call your Representative and tell them forest protection must be a top priority.

The Stand4Forests movement is united in our belief that forests are the bedrock of strong and safe communities, thriving local economies, a stable climate, and livable planet. Last year, the Stand4Forests movement launched with the support of over 200 organizations, scientists, and elected officials with a bold vision for forest protection in the US -- and its continuing to grow every day.

As you already know, at a time when we should be protecting forests everywhere, the US is cutting down forests at one of the highest rates in the world. Both public and private forest lands are being lost at an alarming rate. We can only meet our climate goals if our leaders embrace forest protectionas a critical climate solution.

Call your Representative, and tell them to be a real climate leader: Stand4Forests.

Every call makes a difference. You can be sure your representative is hearing from the forest products industry and their friends, who want policymakers and the public to believe that we can log our way out of climate change. The truth is that to avoid a climate disaster, real leaders will have to address one of the biggest climate emergencies we have: logging.

Make a quick call to your representative today!

For ALL the forests,

Courtney Rae, Associate Director for Bark

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