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Hi Barkers,

Last month, I attended Bark’s Staff Attorney Brenna’s presentation on Fire Policy. It was great! I don't have a background in science or environmental studies, but have been an active participant in the outdoors and I find Bark's dedication to educating people through trainings and hands-on experiences a huge boost to my personal understanding of how nature works.

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Bark events are chock full of information about the ecology of this region as well as the important intersections of public policy and cultural history. They are smart, in-depth and comprehensive explanations about complex and often nuanced topics -- their presentations aren't dumbed down, yet easily understood. I always walk away feeling that I now have an informed opinion about pertinent topics that are often misunderstood. 

This is an exceptional service to the public and invaluable contribution to our community – join me in contributing now to show your appreciation!


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Kevin Moore, Bark Rad·i·cle workshop attendee and volunteer

p.s. In Brenna’s training, I learned that when the forest service talks about fire management, they speak for the industry and really mean timber extraction. When Bark talks about fire management, they speak from science and really mean restoration! Read about it on the front page of Street Roots, and then donate $144 today to sponsor Bark's next Rad·i·cle Program training!


Thank you to Steve Ballinger for beautiful photo, taken during the November 2017 Bark About fire hike.

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