Bark Throws Name to the Dogs: Embraces New Identity as Meow

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Bark has always been a name that invokes different feelings and understandings for each person who hears it. We get calls almost daily from people who are looking for a customized wardrobe for their dog or who just want to buy wholesale pet food. We were recently sent a letter to desist from using the name Bark by the job search firm Bark who somehow trademarked the corporate name, even though they also have nothing to do with dogs.

So, after almost 20 years of being direct, assertive, and pretty dang loud, we have decided to its time to be softer and sneakier, simply flicking our tail dismissively at destructive logging projects to show our immense displeasure. We are re-branding in the image of one of Mt. Hood’s most elusive and nonchalant predators, the mountain lion. A fierce, yet purroud animal that waits patiently for the right time to strike and adeptly ponders the motives of the Forest Service as it laps from muddied streams.

Please join us in this April 1st celebration of our new moniker, MEOW.

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Like the intrepid housecat, MEOW means we maximize our effectiveness through incessant, blood-curdling caterwauling until we get want we want (we are very purrsistent). Often, we will need to meow for no reason at all, and we are asking our supporters to chip in an extra little gift this spring, to make sure we always have food in the bowl, because that’s the way we like it. 

MEOW is proud, stubborn and loves to bask in the sun. Right now, our great staff are practicing our new rallying cry, which we hope will stop those who want to clear cut our forests in their tracks, inspiring them to rush to the pet store for catnip and feather toys instead. 

Together, Our Meows Become Roars: Donate to Bark Today!

We hope you think this announcement on this First of Apurril is as clawsome as we do.

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Rob Sadowsky, Top Cat, Meow (Formerly Bark)