Barkers Raise Their Voices for Protecting Mt. Hood Forests!

We're in our final push in our year-end fundraising efforts. Thank you to the many Bark supporters who have helped us reach our goal! Read some of the amazing testimonials that Barkers have shared with their donations this month. We have just over $3,000 left to go -- can you help us get there!


“You are a positive force for good.”

“Bark is keeping watch in our ‘backyard,’ educating all generations, anticipating the future, and building a long-term commitment to the forest.”

“Bark is tenacious, creative, and thoughtful in its approach to protecting Mt Hood. Bark knows how to mobilize the community to stand up for the forest, and I'm proud to be a part of it!”

“The well-rounded, multi-pronged approach to conserving and protecting public lands. From the ground truthing, outreach and education, and your inclusive approaches to ALL of it. I love Bark!”

“The Street Roots article captured Bark's modus operandi! Bark keeps us informed about the Mt Hood National Forest happenings that have long term impacts. I like reading the descriptions about working with, positively and negatively, the US Forest Service. The monthly hikes are great and change the way I see the forest, during one a retired Forest Service employee described the river scene in front of us and explained what was working and what was not working with the restoration that had been done. It was pretty awesome to be enlightened to see what he saw and also pretty awesome that he was on the hike.”

“Keep on fighting!”

“Local people protecting local resources”

“Bark does the basic research and works to educate the public about our forests and Mt Hood, watershed, etc. and supports legal actions to protect these natural resources. Also, Bark seems to me to be most practical and discretionary in using communication media. I'm glad not be bombarded with e-mail every few days. When it comes, it's always well informed and helpful as to what action to take. My income is limited, but I know what I can give is not wasted.”

“I already give $15 a month to Bark, but I saw the email with the message from my good friend Marco Johnson and I just HAD to support that. Marco and Bark, two great things that are even better together.”

“They are working hard to keep the nature that I love and all the people are soooo nice.”

“I appreciate the fine work you all do!”

“Bark is one of the many critical organizations out there that is pushing back hard for the commonweal against the inexorable forces of capitalism run amuck. I wish I could win a lottery and fund Bark fully forever! Keep up the excellent work.”

“Wish I could afford to send more. Retired on Soc. Sec. cramps my style, but I give what I can when I can! I particularly appreciate Bark for keeping me up to date with actions I can take on line to support them in taking on corporate stupidities like Nestle’s attempted water grab, logging companies wanting to clear-cut Oregon's forests, etc.”

“Bark goes where few other groups dare to go so that Mt. Hood forests can be preserved for future generations of visitors.”

“Thanks for all your great work!”

“Keep fighting to keep the forest...FOREST!!”

“All the continued work you do to protect as many forested areas as you can.”

“Thank you for all your important work”

“’Boots on the ground’ local work supporting people involved in honorable struggle to protect both land and water resources.”

“Doing what you can to save these very special places that I hiked for 37 years. Keep up the fantastic work.”

“Not just a gathering of people, but ACTUALLY get.things.done! Born and raised here, I, too, feel SICK when I see/hear that MORE timber has been cut (can you say CLEAR CUT...)? Great job, Barkers!”

“Everything you do!”

“Bark has worked hard to protect the forests of Mt Hood. The east side of the mountain has some potential cuts Pollalie area, etc) and Bark is monitoring developments, putting people out in the field and informing the public. Thanks so much Bark, for your continued vigilance!”

“Thank you for all you're doing!”

“Bark really gets out there and pursues local issues I care about, like improper logging and opposition to the proposed water plant at Cascade Locks. Their work makes a difference, please keep it up!”

“I appreciate that Bark is local and working to protect where I live!”

“Devoted care to unaccountable wild in souls of forest and its friends.”

“The cause, the dedication of the organization to achieving its goals.”

“Great people! Comprehensive strategy! Saving trees and empowering people!”

“Tireless advocacy, focused effort, ground-trothing, fearlessness in speaking out.”

“Thank you for all you do!!!”

“Working for Oregon's forests, land and water .... and not wasting piles of paper in the process ... no junk mail.”

“Your dedication to the forest is wonderful!!!!”

“Fighting nestle. Thank god you all have been there.”

“Your dedicated work to preserve our forests.”

“Protect Mt. Hood wilderness. Keep us educated on what's going on up there.”

“Bark is committed to its role as protector of the Mt. Hood Watershed. In an open democratic spirit it welcomes anyone who would like to share that vision. Its hikes and education programs are great ways to be involved. Through groundtruthing it really puts boots on the ground, walking, and studying proposed logging sites, and works to stop these plans that often threaten healthy forest. Restoration and recreation need to be advocated for and Bark does this so well, factual, informative, and passionate.”

“Bark knows what's really happening on the ground, in our local forest lands, and does the research to understand the impact of legal work arounds and language that veils the truth about the real damages exacted upon the forests by corporate greed.”

“Thank you for taking on Nestle, safeguarding the Mt Hood wilderness, and for everything else you do.”

“Protecting my playground for my daughters to use later.”

“You have been effective since the beginning in reaching toward your goals, and you reach out to bring the public to the woods! Thank you for the sustained efforts on behalf of all of us in Cascade region.”

“I am donating today because of the email from Marco at Half Pint. I love that place, and I salute Bark for raising the alarm about Nestle's water grab in Cascade Locks. And, especially Bark's ground truthing in Mt. Hood NF.”

“We appreciate Barks dedication to protecting Oregon’s wild places. Thank you”

“The wonderful work you do for our forests and forest wildlife!”

“Saving our forests, educating people and offering hikes!”