Bark's Dynamic Duo

Bark Canvass Director Enoch LaVelle
“Breathe.” It’s the one-word advice that Bark’s new Canvass Director Enoch LaVelle gave to a struggling Canvasser. It’s good advice for all of us and I am excited to see more of it as Enoch brings 10 years of canvass outreach experience to Bark.

Have a question for Enoch? Want to apply to join the front lines of Bark’s outreach? You can reach Enoch at

Even in this hyper-political moment, most of us are too nervous to talk to strangers about the issues that are most important to us. Not Justice Hager.

Maybe for the first time in your life you are talking to strangers about what matters to you. Thank you! Those conversations are more important than ever as our forests face larger threats than most of us have seen in our lifetimes, which is why Bark is growing our canvass outreach by 50% this year.

Last year Justice canvassed 2,989 people about protecting Mt. Hood National Forest. Justice understands the importance of barking about threats to our forests and that is why I am so excited that they are filling the new Office Manager role at Bark.
In 2017 Bark canvassers will have 45,000 face-to-face conversations with people about Mt. Hood’s role in providing clean Bark Office Manager Justice Hagerwater, storing carbon, and making our corner of the world such a great place to live. But what happens after all of those conversations? Who does all of the follow-up for the 15,000 people who want more information? And who manages all of those amazing supporters who take action by donating to Bark?

Justice does, and you can reach them at for anything related to your membership or updates to your records.