Bark's Winter Wish List

Thank you in advance if you can donate any of the items on our wish list! Please email if you want to donate!


General Office

-Carpet cleaning service
-Printing Service (for banners and brochures, etc.)
-Lighting installation service (some of our fixtures are in need of replacing)
-Forever stamps
-Large binder clips
-Dry erase markers/boards
-Colored pencils, markers, paint/brushes, poster board and other art supplies
-Ink pads and nature themed rubber stamps
-Paper trimmer, 18"
-Office chair mats
-Large drip coffee pot

Events and Trainings

-Gift cards for grocery stores (snacks, tea, etc)

Canvasser Gear

-1 1/2inch three-ring binders (the sturdiest kind!)
-Anti-fatigue mats
-light thermal clothing (for layering)
-headlamps (for canvassing in the dark)

Forest Watch and Groundtruthing

-"write-in-rain" paper
-rain ponchos, pants, and slickers
-small notebooks
-digital cameras

We are especially searching for an artist and builder to create and donate a sidewalk sandwich-board style sign to put out in front of the office!

Special Gifts for the Office

-Weekly coffee delivery (our favorite local roaster is Muddworks, they used to make a "Bark" Blend!)
-A medium sized (4-5 cubic ft.) refrigerator for the office
-Forest/Mt. Hood art and books, field guides, movies, maps, etc.