Base Camp Coordinator



Title: Base Camp Coordinator

Organization Name: Bark

Address: 351 NE 18th Ave, Portland, OR, 97232

Telephone Number: 503-331-0374



1. Background

Bark is a Portland-based, non-profit, watchdog organization for Mt. Hood National Forest. We work to monitor the activities of the U.S. Forest Service in order to prevent unnecessary environmental degradation, and advocate for redefining the role of forests as a solution to challenges presented by issues such as global climate change and social inequality.

Bark is engaged in a multi-year process to identify inequity in our work and organizational culture and to grow as individuals with unique experiences of, exposure to, and perpetuation of systemic oppression. While we have made some gains in this regard, we acknowledge that we have much more work to do.

Bark’s Summer Base Camp is a public camp out in Mt. Hood National Forest, during which participants will support Bark's work by contributing time to gather critical field information on proposed logging projects and restoration opportunities in the surrounding woods. Speakers and presenters from around Mt. Hood also attend and share their work with our participants, in the forest. During camp, our secondary goal is to build connections and find intersections between our work and that of other environmental, social, and other place-based movements. The event page for 2018’s Base Camp is can be viewed here.


2. Project Goals and Scope of Work

Bark seeks assistance with planning, coordination, and implementation of Base Camp, which occurs from August 20th – September 2nd 2019. The award will be made to a responsive and responsible individual based on their professional capability.

The selected individual, supported by Bark’s Forest Watch Coordinator (FWC) and Forest Watch Assistant (FWA), will be responsible for the planning and coordination of Base Camp – both leading up to, during, and after the event.

Tasks include but may not be limited to the following responsibilities:

  • Participate in pre-Base Camp planning and logistics: work with FWC, FWA, other staff, and volunteers on outreach and promotion, gear inventory and repair, donation sourcing and pickup, food shopping, location scouting, gear haul, volunteer coordination, and other pre-event work as needed.
  • Be present on-site, in the forest, for a full-time work schedule during the two-week campout with the FWC and FWA per an agreed upon shift schedule.
  • Be a primary in-forest representative for Bark and Base Camp by supervising and mediating among camp participants. Support the safety of all campers and ensure that all are held accountable to agreed-upon ground-rules during their time at camp.
  • Coordinate and support partner groups and individuals participating in Base Camp as presenters/educators.
  • Direct daily onsite camp function with assistance from FWC/FWA to: coordinate daily camp work and volunteer activities, maintain camp infrastructure (kitchen, check-in, latrines, water, etc.) keep an inventory of camp supply/food needs, and any needs or issues requiring communication with Bark office.
  • Assist with groundtruthing or other trainings for incoming volunteers and field work as needed.
  • Assist in coordinating timber sale or other survey activities to ensure effective information transfer between the camp and Bark.


3. Time and Place of Submission of Proposals

  • A request for proposals (RFP) will be posted at as of June 4, 2019.
  • Proposals must be received no later than July 5, 2019. Responses should be clearly marked “RFP-Base Camp Coordinator” and delivered to the contact person listed above.


4. Anticipated Selection Schedule

The Request for Proposal timeline is as follows:

  • Posting of RFP: June 4, 2019
  • Deadline for interested parties to submit up to 5 questions about this opportunity to June 16, 2019
  • Bark responds to Questions: June 24, 2019
  • Proposals due: July 5, 2019
  • Review of proposals, including interviews: Week of July 15th, 2019
  • Selection of proposal: July 19, 2019
  • Start date of work: July 29, 2019


5. Timeline

The start date for completing this work is July 29, 2019 and ends on September 6, 2019.


6. Elements of Proposal

A submission must, at a minimum, include the following elements:

  1. A one-page narrative outlining your previous experience, strengths and distinguishing skills, capabilities, as they relate to the type of work that takes place at Bark’s Base Camp, or event and volunteer management in general.
  2. On one additional page, describe two innovations that could improve the overall impact or functionality of an event like Base Camp.


7. Evaluation Criteria

The successful respondent will:

  • Fulfill the elements in #6 above to a degree that reflects the requirements and goals of Base Camp, while incorporating new and relevant ideas which can be realistically implemented at Base Camp 2019.
  • Be willing to work long and/or irregular hours, be proactive and hands-on in interpersonal issues, live at camp for up to a week at a time, hike off-trail in rugged terrain, and demonstrate excitement, patience, and responsibility around working with volunteers.
  • Provide their own personal, necessary equipment to support themselves while providing the services (ie, personal camping equipment, clothing). Bark will provide the equipment needed to complete the services (ie, Base Camp equipment).
  • Have previously completed or a plan in place to complete basic first aid training.


8. Compensation

Bark’s budgeted pay for the Base Camp Coordinator is $2,520. This does not include travel or other expenses made by the coordinator which are directly related to the event, and will be compensated by Bark.