BLM holds WOPR listening session in Portland area

Thanks for taking action - it worked!

Barkers are so awesome!  75 of you wrote to Mark Brown requesting a Portland Open House for the BLM's Western Oregon Plan Revision.  Two days later, he told me that the BLM decided to schedule an Open House in Portland on June 15th from 5-8 pm.  Let's count that as a quick and decisive victory for the public voiceClick here for more information.


Portland State University Native American Student Community Center
720 SW Jackson St.
Portland, OR 97201

I wanted to let you know the date so that you could: 1) savor the feeling of  immediately changing the BLM's decision and 2) put the meeting on your calendar so you can come join the fun!   We'll send out more information as soon as we have it.

The BLM's Plan Revision is a big deal, for both the  2.5 million acres of BLM-managed forests in Oregon, and the BLM’s (proposed) departure from the Northwest Forest Plan.  Thanks for your interest in it, and your commitment to coming and sharing your care for the forests.

 brenna for bark

P.S. Really - thank you!  Having so many folks email Mark Brown completely validated my representation to him that Barkers would want to attend this meeting. You are so cool.