Bold Moves in the New Year

Your favorite local grassroots forest defenders are ready for 2017!

This is what 'restoration' looks like in the Grove Timber Sale!

In 1990, Mt. Hood National Forest adopted a Forest Plan that emphasized converting mature forests into managed plantations, and guess what? These 26-year-old rules direct the Forest Service to:

Bark has stopped clearcutting old-growth forests in individual timber sales - but the rules have stayed the same. So long as these outdated rules are still in place, outdated practices are not only legal, but also expected.

ISupport Bark!n the coming year, Bark will organize, educate and advocate to improve the Forest Plan and give Mt. Hood National Forest a fighting chance to thrive in the face of mounting political and ecological crises.

Bark is taking bold action during this dire moment for public lands. Are you with us? Can we count on you for a contribution toward the future of our forests?

I’m ready for this. Bark is ready for this. We need you with us.

             For the forest,






Brenna Bell, Bark Staff Attorney


P.S. Submit your comments right now to stop logging along Oregon's beloved Molalla River! Half of this proposed timber sale is mature forest, which is critical to preserve for carbon sequestration & storage, wildlife habitat and clean water. Click here to submit your comment by the December 29th deadline!

And then give $100 to support Bark's continued watchdog work in 2017!


If you prefer to mail a check, please make checks payable to
"Bark", PO Box 12065, Portland, OR 97212

Header image by Carolyn Sweeney.