Change is Made by the People

Change doesn’t just happen, it requires action.

You have just been transported through time to 1985: your phone is connected to the wall, snail mail is just mail, the only camera in your home is a polaroid, some of the first PCs are hitting stores, and compact disks are just becoming widely available. This was the era in which the current management plan for Mt. Hood National Forest originated. Now imagine all the technological advancements that have taken place since then. Communication today takes only a fraction of a second, and yet the plan which directs the Forest Service's actions has not changed with the times. Not only does the current plan exclude any mention of climate change, but it is also woefully lacking strong clean water protections and does not account for cultural or recreational use of National Forest.

We are working relentlessly with our grassroots membership to drive sustainable and rational change and to use the best available science to amend the Management Plan for Mt. Hood. As you may have heard, we’re engaging with existing legal mechanisms to submit a formal "Need to Change" document. This document will outline major scientific errors and gaps in the current management plan in order to bring the plan into the 21st century. For us to be successful, the Forest Service doesn’t just need to hear from us about the need for this process—they need to hear from all of us.  

This year alone, Bark has had 12,000 conversations with supporters like you. Each time, we are inspired and energized by the amazing conversations we have with those who stand with us in the fight to protect Mt. Hood's forests. The next time that the Outreach Team calls: pick up, talk to us, and let us know how you want to plug in. Societal advances, like marriage equality or the Family Medical Leave Act, have happened because of a mandate from the people. These changes didn’t happen overnight; they required consistent effort and pressure from people, people like us. We need community support and engagement to move this conversation forward, to innovate, and to realize sustainable change.

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For the forests,

group photo of Bark's Outreach Team

     Bark Outreach Team: Brandon, Justice, Julie, Steve, Karro, Ben + Lupin