Coloring & Activity Pages

Learn more about Bark and biodiversity on Mt. Hood National Forest with us! These fun coloring and activity pages offer young Barke​rs an opportunity to engage with our work and connect with nature—whether at home, in your backyard, neighborhood, local city park, or out in the forest. To download, just click on any thumbnail to view the whole page. Download the original size for the best image quality!
Red Tree Vole
Coloring page, no text. Recommended for Barkers age 2+.
Read more about the Red Tree Vole, a protected rodent that helped Bark and volunteers save hundreds of acres of biodiverse forest.
Beaver Believers
A 2-page color-yourself comic on how amazing beavers are! Additional coloring page with bonus questions. Recommended for Barkers age 4-5+.
Read more about Bark’s work to restore beaver habitat to Mt Hood.
También están disponibles en español!
Clues in Zig-Zag
A 2-page color-yourself comic on what our Groundtruthers found in Zigzag. Additional bonus questions. Recommended for Barkers age 4-5+.
Read more about Bark’s work to protect critical habitat in the Zigzag ranger district.
También están disponibles en español! 
Boots on the Ground: A Bark Story
A day in the life of some of Bark’s everyday-heroes, our Groundtruthers! A color-yourself comic mini-series. Recommended for Barkers age 5+.
Read more about Bark’s boots-on-the-ground work.
Estas páginas estarán disponibles en español pronto!
Backyard Groundtruther
An activity series that guides young Barkers to connect with nature through real groundtruthing skills. This one is coming soon!

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Pages authored and illustrated by Karro Moss: artist, educator, and Outreach Team member at Bark. Translation in Spanish by Daniela del Mar. Images available through Creative Commons for non-commercial use, personal and educational purposes only. Images available for download, viewing or print.