Day of Action to protect Mt. Hood a success!

The Day of Action to protect Mt. Hood from NW Natural was a huge success! The day's highlights included tough questions asked in the NW Natural shareholder meeting, an early morning bridge visibility gathering, and more than 700 contacts made to the company by opponents of Palomar.

The May 26th Day of Action events kicked off with a dozen Barkers getting the word out about the Day of Action by gathering at 7am on the Hawthorne Bridge. Activist held signs reading "Will NW Natural Clearcut Mt. Hood?" and "Palomar: Not now. Not ever." Sign-holders were greeted by many honks and bicycle bells ringing from passing commuters.

Throughout the next 24 hours, more than 600 people took action online to send the message loud and clear to NW Natural executives that Palomar has no place in Mt. Hood National Forest. Attendees at the shareholders meeting took note that Bob Hess, NW Natural Investor Relations Director, commented that he had already received "many" emails prior to the meeting that day.

Inside the shareholders meeting, investors asked tough questions about Palomar and NW Natural's intentions to resurrect the project in the near future. Martha Neuringer, long-time anti-LNG activist and opponent of Palomar, asked CEO Gregg Kantor "Why are you continuing to pursue a project that undermines your company’s values of environmental stewardship, risks your reputation, and antagonizes many oregonians who love Mt. hood National Forest? When will you admit your loss of $17 million on the foolish and risky Northern Star LNG venture?”

Bark will continue to monitor NW Natural's scheme to resurrect Palomar. We've stopped this project before and we will stop it again.