Development Director

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Bark Development Director Job Description

Position Title: Development Director

1.0 FTE; Exempt

Salary: $41,000 - $45,000; healthcare & dental; vacation & sick leave

Supervises: Oversees/supports grant contract (or grant writing staff) and development volunteers.

Supervisor: Executive Director


General Responsibilities: To lead the creation of, and oversee implementation of, an annual development plan (except the canvass) that utilizes the whole organization in a coordinated way to raise the funds that are needed to implement the programming of Bark. This position leads the development team, which is comprised of the Executive Director, Canvass Director and the Development Director and is a member of the Communications Team, which is comprised of the Executive Director, Associate Director and Canvass Director.


With the goal of helping Bark become a racial justice and anti-oppressions focused organization, develop and support a plan and systems for advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in all realms of development activity. Evaluate progress on this plan at least every two months.


Specific responsibilities:

  1. Actively engage with Bark’s work on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion including addressing implicit biases, helping to address racial bias and micro-aggressions, helping to create an open, inclusive environment for our activities, events, and workspace. Collect feedback from members as recommended by Bark’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan. (1-2 hours a week)
  2. With development team, lead the creation and implementation of an annual development plan that meets or exceeds the revenue goals for Bark.  This plan should include fundraising events and campaigns related to anniversaries and milestones  (1-2 hours a week)
  3. With the Executive Director, update and implement a major donor (Very Important Barker/VIB) plan each year. (12 hours per week)
  4. With Communications Team, create and Implement a communications plan. Support  donor communications. Ensure that our communications include an effective fundraising method. (6 hours per week)
  5. With the Executive Director, create and implement a planned giving solicitation and acknowledgement plan.  (2 hours per week)
  6. With the Executive Director, create and Implement a business giving plan. (1-2 hours per week)
  7. Lead the planning and implementation of at least two giving campaigns per year (traditionally called the Spring and Winter Campaigns), possibly utilizing all communications, direct mail, telephones and the canvass program. (2-3 hours per week - higher during campaigns, lower when there are no campaigns)
  8. Support & oversee contracted grant writing (or staff grant writer), assist with grant writing, and ensure that there is a foundation plan that meets the needs of Bark. Oversee and ensure all foundation reporting and grant agreement fulfillment. Ensure editing and review of all grants before submission. (4 hours per week)
  9. Work with the Operations Manager to ensure that all administrative and office systems, including the Salsa Database, support the revenue development through donations at Bark. Ensure the systems for thanking donors and the tax letter system is accurate, timely and effective. (1-2 hours per week)
  10. Stay current with Bark programs and EDI initiatives and activities in order to be accurate and compelling with donors. (On-going)
  11. Prepare board reports. Attend board meetings as needed.
  12. Attend Coordinating Team and staff meetings to help Bark attain its goals and run smoothly. (1-2 hours per week)
  13. Other duties as necessary.




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