Development Director


Located in Portland, Oregon, Bark was founded in 1999. Our mission is to transform Mt. Hood National Forest into a place where natural processes prevail, where wildlife thrives and where local communities have a social, cultural, and economic investment in its restoration and preservation. Bark is the resource for community action to protect the forests and rivers surrounding Mt. Hood. We prioritize grassroots organizing and believe in the power of an engaged public. We recognize that the forest should thrive not just to provide resources for the human community, but also for the inherent value of nature itself.

We work to maintain an organizational culture that is transparent, inclusive and cooperative, where volunteers, staff and board work together to realize the vision of Bark. Our name originates from the “barker,” who stands before the public and uses persistent outcry to call attention. We are a group of Barkers, ensuring that the public hears about all events, good and bad, occurring in the Mt.
Hood National Forest.

Bark seeks to add staff members who thrive in brave spaces, working with diverse coworkers, volunteers, and community partners. People find connection to forests, water, and wildlife for many, often personal, reasons. Even in conflict, we honor this connection and hope to find common ground for a just and equitable future. If you are a person with strong values, matched with empathic view of the world, we hope you’ll apply!

Bark does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, volunteers, subcontractors, and vendors who are willing to engage in this process of equity, justice, and accountability with us.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Bark is engaged in a continual process to identify inequity in our work and organizational culture, to support individual growth and recognition of unique experiences and perpetuation of systemic oppression, and to sustain an inclusive and diverse space where people are committed to ending oppression. Barkers share a deep love for the forest and recognize that people have a wide range of perspectives and experiences that connect us all to the forest. Bark grew out of a history of direct action, public lands advocacy, and an understanding of the legal system. Much of these origins are heavily represented by a white, colonizer perspective. While we have made gains to shift this dominant perspective and create a workplace that is welcoming and comfortable for people from diverse backgrounds, we acknowledge that we have much more work to do.

Full Time, Salaried Position
Hours: Flexible

Salary: $43,000 - $47,000; vacation, sick leave, medical and dental insurance
Supervises: Oversees and supports development volunteers, any staff taking on major or mid-level donor cultivation tasks, and potential
future development staff.
Supervisor: Executive Director

The Development Director leads the creation and oversees implementation of an Annual Development Plan that includes foundation grant income, business partnerships and individual giving (with the exception of canvassing performed by Bark’s Outreach Team). The Development Director utilizes the whole organization in a coordinated way to meet their annual fundraising goal of nearly $300,000. The
Development Director is Team Lead for the Development Team, which is comprised of the Executive Director, two members of the Outreach Team—the Outreach Director and a rotating Outreach Team Liaison, and as needed, the Associate Director. With the goal of helping Bark become an environmental justice and anti-racism focused organization, develop and support a plan and systems for advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in all realms of development activity. Evaluate and report on progress on this plan at least every four months.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

  • Actively engage with Bark’s internal and external work on equity, diversity and inclusion including addressing issues of power, privilege, and social justice in philanthropy and fundraising; implicit biases; racial bias and microaggressions; and contributing to an open, inclusive environment for our activities, events, and workspace.
  •  Ensure accurate and compelling communications with Bark donors about EDI initiatives, programs, and activities.Development and Fundraising

With Development Team:

  •  Lead the creation and manage implementation of an Annual Development Plan that meets or exceeds the revenue goals for Bark and sets Bark on the path for long-term financial health.
  •  Lead the planning and implementation of at least two giving campaigns per year (traditionally, the Spring and Winter Fundraising Appeals), utilizing and coordinating multiple modes of communication including, emails, social media, direct mail, major donor phone calls.

With Program Team:

  •  Manage Bark’s grant portfolio. This includes: identifying new funding opportunities and tending existing foundation relationships; managing calendar of grant proposals and report deadlines; ensuring compliance with grant agreements; and submitting successful grant proposals and reports;

With the Executive Director:

  •  Create (3 and 5 year) Development Plans that meet the long-term revenue goals for Bark.
  • Update and implement annual Major Donor program. This includes: identifying new donors; cultivating renewed support from current donors; development and implementation of individual fundraising plans, and processes for acknowledgment and gratitude.
  • Update and oversee implementation of Bark’s business partnerships and corporate giving plan.
  • Represent the organization in foundation and donor communications and meetings.

Finances and Administration

 With the Operations Manager:

  •  Ensure that all administrative and office systems, including the member/donor database, support Bark’s revenue development.
  •  Ensure the system for thanking donors and providing tax receipts is accurate, timely and effective.
  •  Maintain accurate and up-to-date recording of foundation and donor income.
  •  Attend Coordinating Team (leadership) and All-staff meetings to inform and coordinate staff on relevant activities. 
  •  Prepare board reports and attend board meetings as the Development Team lead.
  •  Other duties as necessary.


  • Demonstrated leadership experience, especially in collaborative planning and managing shared responsibilities.
  • Able to organize and prioritize multiple responsibilities to achieve goals while maintaining one’s own well-being.
  • Knows own personal strengths and challenges. Manages work with personalized strategies around planning, initiative, and follow through.
  • Demonstrated ability to both give and receive feedback to/from supervisors and colleagues to support a workplace culture of accountability and beneficial learning.
  • Demonstrated skill in listening, learning, and applying understanding. Modelsb respect and care for individuals and community.
  • Demonstrated experience motivating colleagues and volunteers around shared responsibilities and goals.
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, and fundraising CRM databases (Bark uses Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage); 
  • At minimum 2 years of experience with member/donor fundraising;
  • Demonstrated experience in a wide range of fundraising techniques, particularly major gift fundraising and grant writing.
  • Excellent written and interpersonal communication and presentation skills.
  • Experience in research and assessment of fundraising strategies.
  • Ability to work some evenings, weekends and flex-time when necessary for events, campaigns and major donor outings.


  •  Familiarity with Pacific Northwest conservation issues, the history of PNW conservation, and an awareness and acknowledgment of white supremacy culture in the conservation movement;
  •  Spanish-speakers are preferred


Submit  your resume and written responses to the following four prompts. Your written responses will be assessed as a sample of your professional writing.

1. How would you—in your role as a leader of fundraising and development — influence the application of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Bark’s work?
2. Tell us about both the largest major donor and foundation gifts you’ve secured, and what your role was in securing them.
3. Share your experience creating email and social media fundraising campaigns. 

4. Tell us about your experience leading a development team and development plan.

Via email:
Via mail: Bark, P.O. Box 12065, Portland, Oregon 97212.

Please write “Development Director Application” on the front of the envelope or in the subject-line of the email. No phone calls please. No cover letters needed and please limit your responses to the 4 questions to a total count of 1,000 words. To learn more about Bark, visit

We are asking for applicants to fill out a voluntary, anonymous survey that will help us know that we have reached diverse points of outreach. A link will be sent back to
you at some point in the process. Thank you for your help with this effort.

We are accepting applications until the position is filled. 

Closing Date: