Expectations for All Bark Drivers

We are deeply appreciative of the many volunteers who drive Barkers to our hikes, campouts and groundtruthing events!  Safety is a very important to us and helps to ensure more inclusive events. We ask all drivers to read and understand the following protocol.

Bark’s expects that all volunteer drivers will have:

By volunteering to drive for a Bark event, you agree to the following:

  • I am offering my services to Bark without compensation. I understand that my participation is voluntary and Bark has not imposed time constraints, route requirements or provided any approval of my personal vehicle’s condition or my driving ability. Even if Bark suggests a route or meet-up time, I will use my judgement as to what roads, conditions and timing feels safe.
  • My personal vehicle used to transport Barkers is properly maintained and in good working condition, with as many passenger seat belts as passengers. I, and all passengers, will wear seat belts at all times.
  • I will obey all applicable traffic and parking regulations, ordinances, and laws.
  • I will not talk on my cell phone, text message or operate any electronic equipment while driving the vehicle. I will park the car in a safe location to receive or make a cell phone call.
  • My insurance provides primary coverage in case of an accident. Bark does not cover, nor is responsible for, comprehensive and collision damage to my vehicle, damage to any property involved in a collision or bodily injury to me or any of my passengers.
  • If I am involved in a motor vehicle accident while on Bark business involving personal injury to any party I will notify the Bark staff person organizing the event.