Fire danger brings restrictions to Mt. Hood National Forest

By Eric Mortenson, The Oregonian
Wood cutting and logging restrictions are in effect in parts of the Mt. Hood National Forest due to increased fire danger.

The restrictions mean that power saws can't be operated after 1 p.m., except at log loading areas. Cable yarding, blasting and welding is allowed only between 8 p.m. and 1 p.m. Workers must maintain a fire watch for one hour after shutting down equipment. In addition, all power saws and motor bikes are required to have an approved spark arrestor installed.

The restrictions apply to the Barlow Ranger District and the eastern portion of the Hood River Ranger District. Generally referred to as "Unit 1," the restricted area is east of Highway 35 and northeast of Highway 26.

Campers need to be careful as well. The Forest Service says anyone tending a campfire must have a shovel and water on hand. Before leaving, drown the fire with water, stir it with the shovel and make sure it is cold to the touch.