Gifts of Stock

view of Mt. Hood by Bark

Contributions of stocks, bonds, or other securities are a welcome gift at Bark. If you contribute appreciated securities that you have held for one year or more, there are potential capital gains benefits. (You may be able to avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation of the securities you purchased at least 12 months ago if you donate those shares to Bark.) Donating stock is simple. The easiest way to make a donation of stock is by electronic transfer.

It’s very important that you notify Bark when you make a gift of stock. We'll need your name and mailing address, and the type of stock and number of shares you are gifting before or as soon as the stock is transferred. It is the only way we will know who has made the donation of stock; without this information, we won’t be able to send a tax receipt or any kind of acknowledgement.

Here is the information you or your broker will need to transfer stock:

Account name: Bark

Account number: 16528335

DTC #0188 

121 SW Morrison #125
Portland Oregon 97204
(503) 219-8520

Please reach out to Briana at our office at (503) 331-0374  or for more information or to notify us that you would like to make a gift of stock.