Hike the Pipe Week End

A 50 foot orange cloth was used to mark the pathway, demonstrating what effect the proposed pipe line would have on the forest.

Trilliums along a trail near Clackamas Lake

A beautiful sunset crowning the Hike the Pipe week end

The Palomar pipe line will cut across many water courses and trails, including this trail head just north of Clackamas Lake.
This pipe line, part of a proposal to bring Liquefied Natural from foreign locations through Oregon, will go from thee proposed site on the Columbia River, at Bradwood, and hook up with an existing pipe line running from Canada to Mexico.

The pipe line will be basically a 40 mile long clear cut, at least 120 feet in width, traversing a number of water sheds and a large number of creeks, streams and rivers along the way.

Bark hosted a Hike the Pipe Week end, drawing about 35 people on Sunday to hike a small portion of the proposed pipe line as it passed near Timothy Lake, crossing the Pacific Crest Trail.

This is a video from footage shot during that week end.

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