view of mt hood from below shows snow in the shadows of the mountain in front of a field of wildflowersWhose Forest?

We believe in the power of persistent outcry for the protection of Mt. Hood. We also believe that our work must be informed by social justice principles, and we are committed to this change. Your support helps Bark responsibly address this history and work to bring Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion into our more

two Bark volunteers pointing and exclaiming at a large woodpecker hole in a coniferous forestGrowing through Change

Ecosystems are dynamic, vital, and always adapting. Thanks to the richness of our community, so is Bark. You help us grow, encourage us to learn, and support us as we evolve. Together we become ever more confident in the face of change—we are strong because we work together to support the communities rooted in this incredible more

Bark Alert: What is a Forest?

How does defining a forest affect our climate's future? more

Update: Barking from Home

Our grassroots efforts have gone virtual! more

Bark Alert: Envisioning the Future, Investing in Resilience

Over the past 20 years, Bark volunteers have played a critical role in protecting and advocating for Mt. Hood National Forest. As climate change begins to impact this place that we care for and love, it is time once again to come together and ensure that the forest is strong and healthy for decades to more

Press Release: Ninth Circuit Sends Forest Service Back to Drawing Board

Court finds significant gaps, scientific errors and uncertainty in Forest Service’s environmental more

Forest Watch Update: Good News for the Forest!

We won the Crystal Clear lawsuit! As many of you know, for three and a half years, Bark has led a trio of environmental nonprofits in raising serious objections to the Crystal Clear "Restoration Project" more

Build Community with Bark

Now is the time to show up—not only for the causes we hold dear—but to support the many local businesses who have been hit especially hard due to the demands of the more

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hand drawn illustration of mt. hood in front of a field of native plant species with a sign held by birds reading free mt. hood
Free Mt. Hood Campaign Committee
Wed, May 27th at 5:45 pm

While Bark has been successful in stopping thousands of acres of commercial logging on these public lands, the root source of these... read more

June Ecology Club: Ins & Outs of Backpacking
Wed, Jun 10th at 6:30 pm

Join us on the second Wednesday of each month to discuss an ecological theme that pertains to Bark’s work on
... read more


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Returning to the controversial Jazz Timber Sale

"It doesn't even look like a forest!"