The Industry Strikes Back

It’s been years since we’ve seen large-scale clearcuts proposed in Mt. Hood National Forest, and for good reason. We’ve since learned what a crucial role our forests play in curbing the impact of climate change locally, and that clearcuts are net emitters of carbon dioxide for 10-15 years after logging. We’ve also learned that logging will never replicate the role of natural forest fire in shaping the landscape, providing habitat for too many species to name here.

Last summer we spent a month camping in the Hunter Timber Sale, where Barkers groundtruthed areas proposed for logging including a 98 acre “regeneration harvest” unit, the results of which roughly equate to a clearcut when viewed on the ground. This proposed unit is so big that the Forest Service exempted themselves from parts of the current Mt. Hood Forest Plan which prohibit this magnitude of aggressive logging.

Tell your representatives, no clearcuts on public land!

Within the current political climate, extractive industries all over the world are emboldened to push for more profit with less public oversight. Approval of the Hunter project would send a clear message to the timber industry that their voice is strongest and that they can expect projects like this to become the norm in the Pacific Northwest.

The Forest Service must hear from the Oregon congressional delegation that this is not how Mt. Hood should be managed. Please ask your representatives today to demand that “regeneration harvest” within the Hunter Timber Sale be cancelled.

For the forest,
Michael Krochta for Bark


Michael Krochta, Forest Watch Coordinator

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