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I’m a kid worried about climate change. Climate change is scary. I often don’t know what to do to fight it because the problems seem so big.

I do know that trees pull carbon out of the atmosphere and store it, but when they are cut down, they release it. Because of that, I support groups that fight to keep the forest from being logged, like Bark.

Kids in Mt Hood National Forest Donate to bark
Every year since I was seven, I go on a camping trip with my dad on Mt. Hood. We've hiked to McNeill Point, Barrett Spur, Paradise Park and Yokum Ridge. At the beginning of these trails, the forest has bigger trees which have the best root areas for building fairy houses. I think these trees are really cool because they do three things at the same time: habitat, play areas and preventing climate change all at once.

I love Bark because it protects Mt. Hood National Forest. Knowing that there are people and organizations out there to protect forests, animals and special habitats helps me feel that all is not lost.

So, if you’re an adult worried about climate change and want to help, there are several ways you can make a difference – like giving money to Bark, making personal decisions to use less energy, and learning about & connecting with your surrounding natural habitats to better know what you are protecting.

Remember that if you have kids, or have friends who are kids, you’re leaving this world to them and you should make it easier for us to deal with!
Ember Summer with Mt Hood Bark for Ember Summer signature

Ember Summer
Bark volunteer, age 12

P.S. from Courtney Rae, Bark’s Community Organizer -- Ember is right: Mt. Hood National Forest is one of the nation’s most important carbon sinks and an important part of our region's responsibility to fight global climate change. Please keep our trees standing by supporting Bark’s Summer Fundraising Campaign today!