Join Our Volunteer Team

Bark volunteers are often busy putting themselves through school, working full-time, raising young children, and staying active in many issues. Still they give their time, knowledge, and enthusiasm in support of a vision for a better future for Mt. Hood. Without them, Bark would not be the tenacious force we’re all counting on.

We’d like to share a few of our volunteer highlights from this past year:

-We had over 200 people come on hikes in 2015 to learn firsthand about fire ecology, forest succession, wildlife tracking, the Nestle water bottling proposal, the Polallie Cooper timber sale, and fall mushrooms! Hike leaders this year included Mark DesMarets, Lola Goldberg, Audie Fuller, Kim Hack, Brady Hall, Lela Brown, Candace Larson, Missy Rohs, Jim Destaebler, and Gradey Proctor.

-Gradey also started Bark’s Ecology Club. This Monday night discussion series has covered a range of topics: wildlife tracking, conifer identification, invasive species, wolves, mushrooms, and wild medicine. Nearly 150 people attended Ecology club in its first year!

-Bark volunteers spent over 2,000 hours in the forest groundtruthing timber sales, monitoring illegal OHV activity, and documenting the forest’s crumbling oversized road system. Because of their hard work, Bark stopped 900 acres of logging at Lemiti Timber Sale, 150 acres of logging at the Airstrip Timber Sale, documented violations of the environmental laws in Jazz Timber Sale, and continued to watchdog the Forest Service throughout the forest.

-Bark volunteers also helped start a monthly Kid’s Night, a book club, responded to attacks on protections for wolves in Oregon, planted trees in the forest, held fundraising house parties, brought attention to the role of forest conservation in responding to climate change, and so much more!

Have you been curious about how to get more involved with Bark this year? We have an upcoming Volunteer Orientation at the Bark office on Thursday, February 18th, 6-9pm. Stop by and find out more about how you can put your skills and love for Mt. Hood’s forests into action! And if you can’t make it, you can fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you about your interests.

Extra thanks to our volunteer Board of Directors and Committee members. Most of Bark’s leadership is made up of volunteers who oversee the direction of our strategies. They commit many hours a month to this integral work!