Join us in the forest for Base Camp August 20th – September 2nd!

Join us in the forest for Base Camp August 20th – September 2nd!

bark alert banner with logo reads: defending & restoring mt hood and bark: to make known by persistent outcry

For two decades, Bark has worked to create opportunities for people to experience the forest firsthand and to learn about the flora, fauna, rivers & meadows, as well as the threats posed by industrial logging. Bark’s boots-on-the-ground approach strengthens our advocacy and legal tactics and has helped us save countless special places across the Mt. Hood National Forest. This August, we invite you to join us again in the forest to continue this work while we celebrate your tenacity in defending & protecting Mt. Hood National forests for the last 20 years! This year at Base Camp, we will not only document the threats to the forest, but also set a course toward a better future for this ecosystem that supports us all.

Mark your calendars! Bark will host the 2019 Summer Base Camp from August 20th through September 2nd




Staff & volunteers will host a family-friendly group camp in a free, undeveloped site in Mt. Hood National Forest. Base Camp is open to all who wish to join for any length of time, even if just for one day. Campers support Bark's work by volunteering to gather critical information about current and past logging projects, document potential beaver habitat, swap stories over shared meals, and much more. As we spend time together in the forest, we will build connections to environmental, social, and other place-based movements. 

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More details about Base Camp are coming! In the meantime, you can SIGN UP HERE to receive information about location, preparation, and the events schedule for Base Camp 2019. 

If you are interested in helping us prepare for Base Camp, please contact me at and I’ll plug you in. 


Thank you for your work & continuing to support ours,

Michael Krochta, Bark Forest Watch Coordinator


P.S. Can’t wait until Base Camp to go camping with us? From Friday, August 2nd – Sunday August 4th, we are holding a smaller campout, during which Barkers will be working to gather critical field information on the newly proposed Grasshopper Timber Sale, located near Boulder Lake on the east side of Mt. Hood. Here we will focus on groundtruthing the proposed logging units and conducting surveys for potential beaver habitat restoration and/or relocation. Click here for more information and a link to RSVP—space is limited!

P.P.S. Want to contribute to the efforts protecting Mt. Hood’s wildlife? Bark’s friends at Cascadia Wild are looking for volunteers to document locations of the rare Sierra Nevada red fox. This fox was recently denied protection, in part because of a lack of information.  For folks who wish to be involved, Cascadia Wild is hosting a volunteer orientation on Thursday, July 11th. Hope to see you there!