Meet the Canvass


Matt K. for Bark

When a Bark canvasser comes to your door or you meet them on the street, please take advantage of the unique opportunity to ask a real person what is happening in your beautiful backyard.

Bark’s staff of field outreach representatives have engaged with close to half a million households in the past decade! Walking our neighborhoods and speaking directly with people is how Bark develops strong, long-term relationships with supporters of Mt. Hood’s forests and rivers.

Donations through Bark canvassers represent two-thirds of Bark’s total revenue! More importantly, Bark’s canvass grows our base of support so that when Mt. Hood’s forests need help, we have 50,000 Barkers ready to help.


Bark canvassers gather signed postcards in opposition to timber sales, letters to be sent to decision makers, and we invite people to our frequent events in town and in the forest. We also make interesting contacts with people who are able to help in their own very novel way.

We might not always know the exact results of our canvassing endeavors but we do know that the canvass is always building people power. Thank you for making possible the work we do!