Meet the Outreach Team!

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We are Bark’s  Outreach Team: a small-but-mighty crew of dedicated canvassers working year-round to empower our communities from the grassroots up. The friendly faces of Bark’s Outreach Team brings the latest on our work to defend and restore Mt. Hood National Forest right to the doorstep of your home, the place you may be most likely to get involved; not only to add your voice by signing a postcard, writing a public comment, or donating to our campaigns, but also by dedicating a few minutes to engage around the issues we so deeply care about. When you choose to open the door and talk with us, together, we become something greater: the hope for an interconnected, resilient, and sustainable future.

Through sunshine, rain, snow, hailstorms or summer heat, we are out there, passionately campaigning for healthy forests, clean water, and recreational access. Our unique Outreach Team, unionized through CWA Local 7901 alongside Portland-based groups like KBOO and Voz, benefits from years on staff, and our role is rooted in the organization’s long-term vision. When you meet us at the door or on the sidewalks at your local farmer’s market or grocery store, we speak from personal experience: we go groundtruthing with our volunteers and even help lead hikes and events. Every day we are out on the job, we witness the depth of concern and care for our forests and the impact that we can have when we work together.

From our Bark About hikes to our Ecology Club classroom, we know first-hand the potential that education and participation have to inspire us from the soil-up, connecting us like a mycelial web. From your neighborhood to the streets at the Climate Strike, we hear the stories that motivate you to get involved with us and see the way our movements interweave when we show up together for climate solutions. We know face-to-face conversations are the most effective way to mobilize supporters. We also know that we stand the strongest, that our voices carry loudest, when we Bark together.

If there is one message we share from our daily door-to-door efforts, it is this: you are not alone. Your neighbors care about the same issues you do. We are all in this together, so the next time that a Bark canvasser comes to your door, we hope you recognize the opportunity that we do.

May the forest be with you,

Bark's Outreach Team

P.S. Bark's Outreach Team has been active in communities surround Mt. Hood since 2005. So far, in 2019 alone, we’ve had over 17,740 conversations, signed up more than 1,308 new donors to support our cause, and collected over 1,128 postcards and public comments to keep the public pressure on our policy makers and Forest Service representatives. 81% of Bark’s budget comes from individual donations from supporters like you. Thank you!

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