Mt. Hood is more than just a pretty picture.

Pair walking Clackamas River trail, Mt. Hood National ForestCourtney Rae, Bark Community Organizer

It is a privilege to celebrate summer in the Cascades. People have raised their families among these forests and rivers for thousands of years, and this beauty and bounty continues to draw people who seek to connect with the place they call home. If you are receiving this email, chances are you catch a thrilling view of Mt. Hood nearly every day during your commute, from your office window, as you head out of town on the weekend, or from your front door. That incredible mountain in the background is more recognizable than any bridge or brewery and the surrounding forest provides drinking water to millions as well as countless opportunities to rest, recreate, and immerse ourselves in the natural world.

This summer we are asking Barkers: Why is Mt. Hood special to you? Watch a new video from our Urban Groundtruthers and hear interviews with Portlanders at the Grand Floral Parade. When summer festivals and celebrations bring us together to build community, Bark is here to make sure that the forest has a special role in connecting us to the land and to each other.

I know that you believe Mt. Hood is more than just a pretty picture! Join us in the forest this summer and sign up to help make sure Mt. Hood is a place where ecological process prevail, wildlife thrives and local communities have a social, cultural, and economic investment in its restoration and preservation.

This means you!