Multi-Media Report on Oregon Resistance to the Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals.

Audio from the June 2008 Bark Hike to the Palomar pipe line crossing of the Clackamas River. Dan Serres, Columbia Riverkeeper and Friends of Living Waters speaks for about 12 ½ minutes about the pipe line proposed to be dug through a flowing Clackamas River.

Video from the Bark for Mt. Hood Public Access program featuring the March Bark Hike to the proposed Palomar pipe line crossing site on the Clackamas River.

Don't forget the Hike the Pipe event scheduled for June 14-15!

Video from the Salem No LNG Rally, posted to YouTube:

Video from the Portland Oregon No LNG Rally in front of Northwest Natural Gas, posted to Google:

Both these rallies feature local fisherman, farmers, representatives from Indigenous tribes, and other local people whose livelihood is threatened by this technology. Land will be confiscated by the government in order to facilitate this venture by private multi national corporations.

Don't forget the Hike the Pipe event scheduled for June 14-15!

Audio of Dimitri Lisitsyn of speaking about the environmental damage caused by the LNG terminal in Sakhalin district of Russia. This terminal liquefies the natural gas which is shipped to points throughout the world, gasified and then piped to energy markets.