Mushrooms, frogs and wild hucklberries

I thought the Forest Service protected the forest

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Hi Barkers,

I've always thought the Forest Service's mission was to protect the forest but at Bark’s summer Base Camp I saw some ugly hidden truths. I "groundtruthed" seven sections of the Crystal Clear Timber Sale proposal -- some areas damaged from previous logging, others already thin and dry, and some just transitioning into recovery. I saw first-hand how counterintuitive the Forest Service’s logic is when they call logging “restoration.”

I was able to attend with my daughter because Base Camp is an educational, family friendly, community-driven event. Bark’s FREE campout, open to the public, illustrates their passion for protecting the forest and commitment to educating everyone about the true impacts of logging. This alone is enough reason for Bark to get my $10 a month support.

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Barkers at Basecamp
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I brought my daughter to Base Camp -- I had to show her an intact forest because I fear someday she may not be able to see it for its true radiance. Finding mushrooms larger than her own two feet and trees that we both couldn't wrap our arms around really put things into perspective. It melted my heart to see her enchanted by watching thousands of tiny young frogs thriving in a rich meadow and to fill her belly with wild huckleberries. We were privileged to dip into clean, clear water on a scorching day.

Start em' young they say... I had to be out there. I feel obligated to help; not only for the forest but also for my daughter and the future generations of species to come.

I am honored to support this group of passionate and dedicated people -- join me today!

Take Care,

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Amy Pagel, Bark Groundtruthing Volunteer, and daughter Luz (pictured here)

p.s. I highly recommend you check out Base Camp next year and get your boots in the soil and see what groundtruthing is all about. The people who attend are so interesting, knowledgeable and fun! I laughed. A LOT. Bark is an organization I feel proud to support!

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