Nestle Loses, Bark Wins

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I'm so happy to give you the amazing news that today, Governor Kate Brown has directed Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to withdraw from the Nestlé water exchange process, effectively stopping Nestlé from accessing and bottling the water from Oxbow Springs!


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The will of Oregonians who have sent letters, made phone calls, created signs, attended rallies and sent an unprecedented number of comments to three different governors and many city, county and state agencies has finally been heard.

Your grassroots community efforts just stopped one of the most powerful corporations in the world – raise a glass of water to celebrate!

Bark has been able to stay involved in the legal fight for almost a decade because of your passion and commitment. Thank you! And we also thank our Outreach Team going door-to-door to collect thousands upon thousands of your comments about this water grab. The water coming off Mt. Hood is protected today because you support local groups like Bark.

Will you make a donation today in honor of Bark’s tenacity?

You can read Gov. Brown’s letter here, where we have outlined our nine-year fight to stop Nestlé. Join us in celebrating the many years of hard work by members of the Keep Nestlé out of the Gorge Coalition, Local Water Alliance, CRAG Law Center, Food & Water Watch and the Hood River County voters who made their voices heard by passing a ballot initiative to stop Nestlé.

Nine years and about a million meetings later--and two days before I finish as the Interim Executive Director at Bark--I am filled with massive amounts of gratitude, relief and joy. Thank you, Barkers.

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Joy Keen, Bark's Tireless Advocate against Nestlé.

P.S. Stay tuned for more details and an invitation to our victory party!