Nestle water grab and crumbling roads in Mt. Hood

Dear Barker,

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) just released a proposal to log the Airstrip Timber Sale,threatening vital habitat near the Clackamas River. Meanwhile, the application for Nestle to take our fresh Columbia Gorge spring water is back on the table this month. Read on to learn more about these threats and take action today. Then check out two opportunities to get into the forest with Bark this month.


Alex P Brown, Executive Director

PS- Thanks for making last month's Day of Action to protect Mt. Hood a success! Click here to see the results of our event and check out the Oregonian article covering NW Natural's shareholder meeting and our promise to keep Palomar out of Mt. Hood.

Bark-Out: Don’t let the BLM destroy vital habitat in the Airstrip Timber Sale!
Bark-About: Visit the crumbling roads in the Jazz Timber Sale
Giving Tree: Can Bark use your vacation house/cabin for a meeting?
Bark Tales: Joy Keen – the name says it all
Bark Bites: Nestle wants to take our Columbia Gorge water – send your comment now!

Bark-Out Will the Bureau of Land Management cut six-foot diameter trees to build roads for the Airstrip Timber Sale? The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) just released an Environmental Assessment for the Airstrip Timber Sale, which would require 2.4 miles of new roads and cut 290 acres of naturally regenerated second growth forest in the Ladee Flats. Of particular concern to Bark is the felling of two six-foot diameter snags, a new road built through a Riparian Reserve, and logging on very steep slopes. Please take action now to urge the BLM to protect water and legacy features by not building these new roads.

Bark-About Collawash roads and Jazz Timber Sale hike Sunday, June 12th, 9am-5pm Summer is almost officially here! Celebrate the good weather by joining us on this month’s Bark-About into the Collawash Watershed. We will visit a unit in the proposed Jazz Timber Sale, walk the length of an obliterated road, and see a recent landslide where we'll discuss what the Forest Service is doing to address its crumbling, ecologically harmful, and oversized road system. To cap off the day we'll take a leisurely stroll along the Clackamas River. Come prepared to walk up to four miles on and off-trail, including one mile on an obliterated road bed with very uneven terrain. This terrain is not suitable for small children but well behaved dogs are welcome. Please bring lunch, water, and sturdy boots. The weather is very unpredictable this time of year, so don't forget extra layers of clothes and water resistant gear. Bark-Abouts are led on the second Sunday of every month and are free to the public. Click here for more information about this month’s hike. Can’t make it to our June Bark-About, but want to get your feet on the ground in the Jazz Timber Sale? Check out our June 18th Field Day in the Jazz Timber Sale and help us groundtruth all 2,000 acres of the proposed sale!

Giving Tree Do you have a vacation property outside of Portland that Bark can use? Bark’s strategic planning retreat is coming up this summer and we are hoping you can help us. Do you have a vacation house or cabin that can fit ~10 people (beds for 10 not required)? Please consider donating one weekend in your vacation house to help Bark do a better job of protecting Mt. Hood. If you can help, please call or email Alex P Brown at (503) 331-0374 or Thanks!

Bark Tales Joy Keen makes Bark better Joy Keen loves Mt. Hood. A long time Bark volunteer, she has served as the Chair of Bark’s Board of Directors since 2007. In addition to her duties as Board Chair, Joy is always there whenever we need her. Earlier this year she helped us pull together a great Palomar victory party with just a few hours notice. When we moved into our new office Joy stopped by to make sure our desk setups were ergonomically correct. Joy even hosts house parties to help fundraise for Bark and she is truly a joy to spend time with in the woods. On top of all this volunteering for Bark and working in Oregon Sierra Club’s office, Joy still finds time to participate in the Keep Nestle out of the Gorge Coalition to help protect our water. Thank you, Joy, we don’t know what we would do without you!

Bark Bites Tell Gov. Kitzhaber and the Oregon Water Resources Department to deny Nestle's effort to bottle our Columbia Gorge water! Nestle is still trying to get its hands on the clean and delicious water coming out of Mt. Hood National Forest. But to build a water bottling plant in Cascade Locks it first needs the Oregon Water Resources Department (ORWD) to approve its application so it can get its hands on the water. Threatened salmon need this water to survive but Nestle wants to bottle it so the multinational corporation can continue to rake in huge profits. Luckily state law allows ORWD to deny a water exchange application if it adversely affects the public interest. We know giving this water to Nestle is against the public interest and we hope the ORWD will do the right thing and deny the water exchange application. Take action today and send the ORWD the message that Nestle should not be allowed to take our water!