No apologies, no regrets!


I just read the new Mt. Hood National Forest annual report: in 2016 the Forest Service sold 38 million board feet (about 7,600 log trucks of trees!) and lost $2.3 million logging my favorite forest. It’s wasteful, and it makes me angry.

Since 1999 Bark has stayed true to its mission and unapologetically protected the forests I love.

What can we really do in an hour? In the last hour before I hit “send” on this email:

  • Michael, Bark’s Forest Watch Coordinator, with the help of volunteer Casea, finished scouting a site for Base Camp 2017 in the proposed Crystal Clear Timber Sale;
  • Outreach Team members Lupin and Judy just left for SE Portland to engage over 50 people tonight on the threats to Mt. Hood National Forest;
  • Courtney, Community Organizer, finished her presentation on the Free Mt. Hood Campaign for my going away party tomorrow night.

Hour by hour, day by day, year by year, Bark helps thousands of people become effective activists. It’s people power that protects our backyard forest and as I finish up my time as Bark’s Executive Director, I reflect on a few of my favorite victories:bees at Base Camp!

In 1990, when the Mt. Hood Forest Plan was written, clearcutting and logging native forests were common practice. Sadly we are seeing the Forest Service return to this antiquated approach with proposals like the Crystal Clear and Hunter Timber Sales. In the coming years you can expect more of this as the Forest Service is told by politicians to increase logging. 

Bark is working with Mt. Hood communities to learn what needs to change in the Mt. Hood Forest Plan to meet 21st century needs. This is our best hope to ensure Mt. Hood National Forest is not destroyed like it was in the 1990s. Want to learn more? Come to my going away party tomorrow night (RSVP required) for the unveiling of Bark's Free Mt. Hood Campaign!

In addition to helping Bark reach our Summer Campaign goal of $30,000 today (we’re only $5,000 away!), I am a Forest Sustainer member because giving to Bark every month provides financial stability that ensures staff time is spent protecting forests, not raising money. If you want to support Bark with a monthly donation, you can become a Forest Sustainer through this secure website


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Alex P. Brown
Outgoing Executive Director

P.S. The Board of Directors is hard at work choosing their pick for Bark's next Executive Director, but in the meantime Joy Keen, long-time Barker and former Board president, is our Interim Executive Director. Welcome Joy!


RSVP for Bark's Free Mt. Hood Campaign unveiling and my going-away party tomorrow, Thursday, July 13th at Portland Patagonia.

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