Protect the forest around Tamanawas Falls

We’ve stopped this timber sale before, and we can do it again. The Forest Service just won’t let go of their bad plan to log in the beloved Polallie Cooper area on the north side of Mt. Hood. Barkers have been fighting different versions of this timber sale since 1999, and once again, your actions helped persuade the agency to change its plans. The Forest Service has decided to defer logging in the Crystal Springs drinking watershed which is not included in the most recent proposal for the timber sale!

However, the Forest Service still wants to log and build roads in the wonderful old forests north of Tamanawas Falls, under the guise of "fuels reduction."  We all know that big trees in native

forests are the most fire resilient part of the landscape and should be protected, not logged. Now, more than ever, the Forest Service needs to be making forest management decisions about fire and “fuels” based on the best available science; which directs land managers to thin small-diameter trees near houses and communities, not log large trees in roadless areas.

The Polallie Cooper Timber Sale area includes some of the most popular hiking and mountain biking trails in Mt. Hood National Forest, 687 acres of critical habitat for the Northern Spotted Owl and surrounds the Wild and Scenic East Fork of the Hood River. The local community and Oregon's congressional delegation have been working to protect this special area for over a decade, culminating in many protections in the 2009 Omnibus Bill.  Unfortunately, the proposed Tamanawas Falls Wilderness addition was not included in that bill. Logging and roadbuilding would make the area ineligible for a future Wilderness designation.

Write to Oregon Senators Ron Wyden & Jeff Merkley right now and urge them to continue their advocacy for this special place by asking the Forest Service to not log native forests or build roads in the proposed Wilderness area.

Thanks for stepping up to protect this special place,






Russ Plaeger, Bark Restoration Coordinator

P.S. We just wrapped up our summer Base Camp in the forest! Come by our office on October 6th to celebrate this successful event, learn what’s next, and how to stay involved this fall.