Protect Your Public Land

Bark is partnering with some of our favorite public lands allies to counter recent political blustering about selling off our public lands to private interests. The idea of losing access to millions of acres in Oregon’s most beloved places seems impossible. And yet, politicians are using industry rhetoric to support legislation that prevents public involvement in decisions on public land. The media frenzy this January when right-wing militants shut down the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was a call to action for many public lands advocates.

Together, the Protect Your Public Lands groups hosted several rallies in support of the Refuge workers and community members during the occupation. And now we’re releasing a video collaboration with Balance Media. This short video highlights the critical importance of speaking up to stop the privatization movement.

Please take a moment and watch the new video. And then SHARE it with your friends and family today!

In Mt. Hood National Forest, Bark has been on the forefront of keeping corporate interests out of our public land for nearly two decades. Whether it’s halting logging companies from cutting our last uncut forests, highlighting the inequitable access to recreation when our campgrounds are privatized, or ensuring that the largest water bottling company in the world doesn’t get a toehold near our public water, we deeply believe the future of our public lands is best kept in public hands. That’s why Bark has held at the core of our work getting more people connected to Mt. Hood’s forests and rivers. You can read more about that on my blog post for the Protect Your Public Lands campaign.

This Friday is Earth Day. We have three ways for you to take action:

Share this video TODAY! We have a lot of different ways to share this video and information about how to get involved all over the West. We’re hosting a petition on the video’s website that allows you to lend your name to support keeping public lands accessible.

Kids’ Night! Friday, April 22, 5-7pm Bark hosts a regular kids’ night, the third Friday of every month. This Friday, kids will be taking over Bark and talking about protecting butterfly habitat. You can read a lot more about this evening here.

Mother’s Day Hike Sunday, May 8, 9-5pm Our annual Mother’s Day hike is right around the corner. This is a way for us to honor the amazing mothers in our community. Invite the mothers in your life to a special hike.

You can also attend one of the dozens of events happening all over the West this week. Check it out…

Now is the time for us to show our broad base of support. We hope this inspiring video is a way for you to share the connection you have for the places you love. If you support Bark continuing to use cultural change tools like this one, consider a special donation today.


Amy Harwood
Interim Executive Director

P.S. Whoa -- I almost ended this email without acknowledging the outpouring of support for ending the proposal to clearcut in the Clackamas! Nearly a thousand people sent in messages of opposition to the Hunter Timber Sale. Thank you!