Rad◦i◦cle Activist Training

What is Rad◦i◦cle?Alex P Brown for Bark
Rad◦i◦cle {the first root of a seedling to emerge during germination} is Bark’s free training program that empowers individuals to learn valuable skills in forest ecology, public lands advocacy, and community organizing. Since 1999, Bark has provided opportunities for the public to be active in decisions affecting our public lands, from boots-on-the-ground trainings in groundtruthing proposed timber sales to understanding the NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) processes and generating public comments on Forest Service actions. Rad◦i◦cle is an expansion of established Bark trainings and is designed to present the diverse skill set and tools necessary for digging deeper into forest defense; to protect Mt. Hood National Forest and beyond.

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More on Rad◦i◦cle
Rad◦i◦cle is divided into two separate training tracks, each encompassing a unique Forest Defense Toolboxand complimentary side of forest defense work. Volunteers are welcome to participate in individual trainings, but we encourage you to get the most benefit from Rad◦i◦cle by attending a complete set of trainings from the track of your choice (or both tracks!) and becoming a Rad◦i◦cle Graduate. Our hope is for Rad◦i◦cle Graduates to take the skills they learn far beyond the borders of Mt. Hood National Forest, but we do ask for a commitment of three individually-tailored Bark volunteer days from those who complete the program.

The Forest Ecology Track
This track presents the skills necessary to Groundtruth in the forest and document threats posed by logging or other extractive industry. Expect to learn basic map and compass skills, how to identify some of the cornerstone plant and tree species, basic ecology of Northwest forests, how timber sales are planned and executed, and how to understand Forest Service timber sale planning documents. This is a great track for those who want to spend time with their boots on the ground and learn how to recognize key features of the forest and the threats they face.

Bark Groundtruthers in Mt Hood National ForestTrainings in the Forest Ecology Track include: Volunteer Orientation, Groundtruthing 101: Fun with Maps, Groundtruthing 201: Fun in the Forest, Crash Course in Forest Ecology, Post-logging Monitoring (BMP2), Hike Leader Training

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The Organizing and Policy Track
This track is designed for those who are interested in the legal and policy processes of forest defense advocacy, as well as public speaking and community organizing. Skills learned include: understanding public lands management, writing articles and official NEPA comments, engaging in community education, and organizing activist events. You will participate in organizing a community event and develop skills for working with the media. This is a great track for those who are interested in becoming community organizers or who have community networks they are eager to engage in forest defense activism.

Eagle Creek rallyTrainings in the Organizing and Policy Track include: Volunteer Orientation, Introduction to Forest Policy, Forest Campaign Toolbox, Advanced Comment Writing, Hands on Organizing

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