Rad◦i◦cle Forest Policy and Organizing

This track of the Rad◦i◦cle program is designed for folks who are interested in planning events, writing articles and NEPA comments, and engaging in community outreach. Trainings will cover a variety of topics including organizing (the ins and outs of basic community organizing, skills for working with the media, etc.) and policy (exploring the laws, public processes and policies that are tools for affecting public lands management). This is a great track for those who are interested in becoming community organizers or who are eager to help their networks engage in activism.

Training descriptions:

Volunteer Orientation: If you are interested in getting involved with Bark as a volunteer, please attend this training to learn more and see if Bark is for you. Get up to speed on Bark's history, O&C Lands Rallyeffective advocacy to protect Mt. Hood National Forest, and the roles our skilled and committed volunteers play in this work. We recommend that you attend this training if at all possible before attending other trainings in the Forest Ecology or Policy and Organizing Track of the Rad◦i◦cle Program.

Forest Policy Crash Course: Who owns our public lands?  Who manages them?  How can we influence the management if we, the public, don’t like it?  How did it get to be this way?  This training will answer all these questions and more, as we learn about how and why the Forest Service and BLM manage our public lands. Attend this training if you are interested in engaging in the public process on lands management. You will develop an understanding of how laws such as NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) and others help groups like Bark affect management decisions.

Forest Campaign Toolbox: What sort of tools do we use to organize and win in our work to protect Mt. Hood National Forest? Sometimes it's necessary to use a variety of tools, including legal, political, and community organizing to stop destructive projects or advocate for what you want to see on public lands. This training will outline what those tools are and how they interplay to lead to victory.

Pre-requisite: Forest Policy Crash Course

Advanced Comment Writing: This training will explore using NEPA to enforce the ESA, CWA and Mt. Hood LRMP.  If you understand that sentence (or really want to) this training is for you! We’ll delve deep into the wonderful and wonky world of environmental law and how to use the public comment process to make bad projects better, or make them go away.Palomar Protest

Pre-requisite: Forest Policy Crash Course

Hands-on Organizing: Learn the basic skills and steps needed to organize people and events. Then help develop your skills by diving in to hands-on organizing with Bark. Attend this training if you are interested in joining Bark's Event Committee or helping contribute to campaigns, rallies and other special events.

Pre-requisite: Volunteer Orientation

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